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  1. I had the Philly defense and some other good players for 162 points with Kelce to go, but I want to see some ridiculous fantasy scores. Whacha got?
  2. Maxx Dread

    What are you doing with Forsett today?

    Undecided. I have Jonathan Stewart at 4 PM also, but he's been a bum so far this year and he's up against the Seattle run defense. If Forsett gets 10-12 touches he'll probably best anything Stewart can put up, but will he get that kind of attention today?
  3. Maxx Dread

    Todd Gurley will be the #1 pick next year.

    Obviously it will be Devonta Freeman, and it won't be close.
  4. Maxx Dread

    Atlanta at New Orleans: In-Game Discussion

    Our league just converted to a keeper this year... snagged Freeman in the 9th round!
  5. Maxx Dread

    ++ UPDATE: Jamaal Charles - High ankle sprain ++

    That's what the live coverage was indicating, that he was pointing to his achilles before heading to the locker room.
  6. Maxx Dread

    What's going on in Green Bay?

    Rodgers is killing me.
  7. What do you think? My RB situation is decent but not great, with FJax and Miller, but I have Cruz as well.
  8. Maxx Dread

    Bucs release Josh Freeman

    With EJ Manuel injured and the team down to an unprepared rookie, I wouldn't be surprised if Freeman ends up in Buffalo.
  9. Maxx Dread

    Starting FJax over Spiller

    2 TDs for Freddy
  10. Manning is going to screw me for the 2nd time in three weeks.
  11. Antonio Brown at the flex position vs Chicago. How bout you?
  12. Maxx Dread

    San Francisco 49ers at New England Patriots

    First time I say this all season, but FU BRADY!
  13. Maxx Dread

    New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons

    12 rushes for 106 yards and a score, and they've decided to give up on the run. WTF?