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  1. eagles115

    Starting already with the bad calls

    how was that last julio catch a td lol wasnt even close
  2. eagles115

    Melvin Gordon benched??

    he fumbled 2x. hes a piece of sh!t
  3. eagles115

    FU semifinals

    thank you edleman, melvin gordon and ekeler for combining for 9 pts or so in full pt ppr projected for nearly 60pts lol
  4. eagles115

    FU semifinals

    I'll start it off... Big ole FU to Julianna Edleman. U focking bum
  5. eagles115

    Am I Crazy: Benching WIlson

    No not crazy just a dumba$$ Wilson is stud top 3 qb... fitz focking sucks good luck
  6. eagles115

    Ingram... starting with confidence?

    Sucks I know. I need a good game outta him. I cant rely on freeman, hilton
  7. What you guys think? Keep pressure off Lamar and let ingram carry the rock 20plus
  8. eagles115

    Week 15 Scoop and Play WR - Playoff Edition

    I can see the Saints blowing the Colts out of the water on mon night. That would mean a ton garbage time points for Doyle n Pascal
  9. eagles115

    Texans Stack for the RD 1 Win

    lol. youre in for a letdown
  10. eagles115

    FitzMagic = League Winner?

    Brees is gonna be under stress all day long. The saints oline blows. 49ers gonna put a hurting on Brees.
  11. Ravens are gonna smash the bills. I think NE vs KC may be another shootout lets hope lol
  12. eagles115

    What are we doing with Kenny Golladay??

    Lololol dummy
  13. eagles115

    Colts at Texans: In-Game Discussion

    Hilton not even in the game lol
  14. eagles115

    Colts at Texans: In-Game Discussion

    Hilton stinks. He isn't gonna a do sh!t tonight