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  1. Solo or team effort, let’s track it for a while. Got one from the wife this morning. The next MANY are likely to be solos.

    Bills at KC

    No time came off the clock on the Buffalo PAT.

    Ejaculation— check in here

    Hold on— you realize the word “ejaculation” doesn’t mean hand-job, right?

    Ejaculation— check in here

    Lick only.

    Ejaculation— check in here

    Now here we will have to disagree. Having my balls licked is amazing.

    Ejaculation— check in here

    Oh. I’m not into that either. Sometimes my wife will suggest it and I tell her I’d rather just not get off at all.

    Ejaculation— check in here

    You’ve never had what happen?

    I Want The Bills To Win & Rooting For Them But

    Bengals-Rams super bowl would be hilarious

    Women, it's really simple

    What most women don’t understand is this: suck or fck, and everything will be fine with the relationship. There will be no problems as long as you are making me ejaculate.
  10. MLCKAA

    Restricting Voter Access

    Hoping to get legit discussion on this. What exactly is the progressive argument that Republican policies suppress voting rights. I’ve heard it said many, many times but I never really hear anyone explain the supposed mechanics of it.
  11. If they really want to make a positive impact on society, they should stop selling their product. It is unhealthy.
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    Good dude
  13. MLCKAA

    brutal - girl ucla student stabbed to death

    Any violent crime results in a very long imprisonment. But I think what you meant by “finding solutions” was “figure out how to prevent blacks from committing so darn many violent crimes.” Suppose we could lock them up from birth?
  14. MLCKAA

    Lincoln Logs

    Hurts when you step on them
  15. MLCKAA

    Why Does The FBI Lie So Much?

    I seriously always thought you were black.
  16. MLCKAA

    Anyone into Ozark?

    I thought season 1 was excellent, season 2 sucked, season 3 salvaged by the wife offing her own brother. I’m part of a minority that thinks Better Call Saul was actually better than Breaking Bad. Enjoyed BB, but I find it hard to watch TV shows with literally zero redeemable characters.
  17. In fact, pubic and underarm hair actually aid in natural cooling by promoting airflow.
  18. MLCKAA

    AEW - All Elite Wrestling Thread

    If you’re watching pro wrestling, you might as well be watching Real Housewives of…
  19. Instead, how about we legislate that the poor give up their offspring and require the non-poor to raise them.
  20. MLCKAA

    Spermoff-Best Ghey Drink

    There’s nothing ghey about the mojito.
  21. MLCKAA

    Favorite soup/stews

    Split pea with bacon
  22. MLCKAA

    Philosophical Question

    These are not philosophical questions.
  23. MLCKAA

    The worst shot of alcohol you've ever had.

    Uzo is the worst shiit ever
  24. I was just trying to be smarmy.