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  1. We Tigers

    Matt Breida- Useless or nah?

    Im holding onto both of them, at least in my 14-team league. Morris still outsnapped and out-touched Breida, and even had more receiving yards. If Breidas killer performance wins him 60-70% of the touches this week, then Id say you can chuck Morris.
  2. We Tigers

    Matt Breida- Useless or nah?

    Gotta hold both Morris and Breida for a little while. If you drafted them, it was with the assumption that it would take a little while for that backfield to shake out. Ditch them after week 1 only if youre getting someone you really feel strongly about.
  3. We Tigers

    Will Flacco end as a top 10 QB?

    Not likely. Double digit interceptions every year of his career, and only two seasons where he either 1) topped 4000 yards, or 2) was on pace for 4000 yards. And it took 40 pass attempts a game for him to do that. Winging it the entire second half last night is about the only time he's looked good with Morningwheg as his OC, and he didn't even look that good. It's just not his way. Now, if the Ravens defense is as bad as they were last night--and if CJ Mosley is out for any length of time, they just might be--then he'll have some more 50-attempt catch-up games. But I don't think they'll be the norm, and they may also be hard to predict.
  4. We Tigers

    Non-PPR ROS McCaffrey vs Ajayi

    I'll let you know once I see how the taped-together Carolina o-line plays this week. They lost a starting tackle and starting guard week 1, and are about to start Chris Clark at LT. They signed him on Wednesday!
  5. We Tigers

    Derek Carr...........

    I think he still can be, but he might have to survive a few years of Gruden's outdated approach.
  6. We Tigers

    Dallas Cowboys WR

    I think the only one I'd roster at this point is Gallup, with the second half of the season in mind. If you need a 5-7 point fill in, then sure, pick up Beasley. I'm not trying to roster those types of guys this early, though. Based on the snap counts in Doug Orth's All Out Blitz article that posted yesterday, they are in a true receiver rotation that may not shake out for a while
  7. We Tigers

    Ravens at Bengals: In-Game Discussion

    Nice to see Collins in for the hurry up, but blowing that goal line carry when Allen converted his earlier cant help.
  8. We Tigers

    Ravens at Bengals: In-Game Discussion

    Green 3/3! Yikes. Might be a tough night for Alex Collins. Hes running well, but its 15 minutes in and the Ravens are already in comeback mode.
  9. We Tigers

    Ravens at Bengals: In-Game Discussion

    AJ Green making like Will Fuller tonight. Also, I hope the guy who was thinking about starting Flacco for Rodgers didnt do it!
  10. We Tigers

    Bell - The conversation we should be having.

    Nah...like we were talking about in the latest Conner thread, there are a lot of teams with a lottt of cap space next year. Some teams might sour on him after all this, but certainly not all of them. Hell get a contract at least as good as David Johnsons and probably better from someone.
  11. We Tigers

    C.Davis or Gordon ROS?

    Gordon is still living off his incredible 2013. When he's played since then, he's been the picture of ordinary. With him, I'll believe it when I see it. I'll take Davis. With Walker gone I think he is moving closer to his upper-level projections for the season: 130+ targets, and quite a lot of damage done with them. My bias here is that I had Davis rated wayyy above Gordon going into the season, and have him on 1 team.
  12. We Tigers

    David Johnson back injury

    My neck My back My Dissly and Khalil Mack
  13. We Tigers

    Odds Conner Starts Rest of the Way?

    The Jets have their 1st and two 3rd round picks next year, but no 2nd--they used it to trade up for Darnold. I can't imagine anyone dealing a 1st for Bell. 3rd and a 4th? Their own 3rd and the 3rd from trading Bridgewater? Possible, but all that is a lot for any team to pay when you may be able to get him only for the cost of the money you pay him in 2019. The most recent RB of note to get traded, Jay Ajayi, was traded with 1.5 years left on his cheap rookie deal, so that surely made him more worth sending a pick from Philly's perspective. That said, I do think the Jets would be one of the top contenders to sign him as a free agent. As you point out, they have the money; plus, this is the last year of Powell's deal, and they both got Crowell pretty cheap and can walk away from him with only a $2M dead cap hit next year. Add in a QB on a cheap rookie deal for the next several seasons and they are the kind of team that could give him the guaranteed money he wants.
  14. We Tigers

    Week 2 steamer defense

    I didn't see a lot of "ooh...that's interesting" defensive performances in week 1. The Jets obviously stood out, but that was more of a disaster by Stafford. If other teams are as good at the Jets were at reading Patricia and Jim Bob's apparently JV signs and signals, maybe Detroit's opponents end up being a good play for a bit. I drafted New England in a couple leagues and am sticking with them despite a whatever matchup with the Jags. None of the available teams are crying out to me yet, though I admit to being intrigued by both sides of Jets/Dolphins.
  15. Keep em coming so mobb can keep telling them like it is on vetoes, collusion, and their general failings in life.