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  1. AintNoStoppinMeNow

    All year long Buy/Sell thread

    As great as Darren Waller was and as much as I loved the value he provided for me I'm selling him this year. When Renfrow was healthy last season his stats diminished. He lost a lot of TDs to the backup TE's and the Raiders just spent two high picks on WR's including a first rounder on Henry Ruggs and of course Tyrell Williams will be back in full health. There are just too many mouths to feed and the team runs through Jacobs. I don't think he will be a bust or anything but no way he'll put up another 1k yard receiving season with all the mouths to feed in Vegas.
  2. AintNoStoppinMeNow

    Name the redskins

    I thought the DC Defenders was a really cool name. Maybe Snyder can use all his riches to bid on the XFL in bankruptcy court just to steal the DC Defenders name, logo, jerseys, etc.
  3. AintNoStoppinMeNow

    Questions? I have right answers (hopefully)

    Having lost 2 of my 3 regular WR starters recently pick one of the following deep options out of Greg Ward vs Dallas or Justin Watson vs Texans. Thanks in advance.
  4. AintNoStoppinMeNow

    Week 16 Scoop and Play WR - Championship Edition

    After losing Ridley and Godwin in consecutive weeks in a 14 team 3 WR league, I've been looking forward to this post! I'll be making a play for Justin Watson as Perriman was already scooped up by my opponent last week. Not only is Godwin out but Scotty Miller as well and this game with Houston is going to be a shootout for sure. Someone else I am considering as a scoop and play is the Eagles Greg Ward as he's the only WR that Carson seems to target and trust at the moment. Tre'Quan Smith is intriguing but he's way too TD or bust and the fact the Saints are on the road makes it too risky to start Smith in the championship game. Thanks for this weekly thread and looking forward to it next year! Good luck this week to all. May Santa bring us all fantasy championships.
  5. AintNoStoppinMeNow

    Week 15 Scoop and Play WR - Playoff Edition

    This is someone I have flagged as an emergency plug and play on Sunday morning if Kirk (limited with an ankle in practice) is a surprise no go. I absolutely hate the idea of starting someone with hands of stone like Agholor in the playoffs but the Eagles have nothing left at WR and in two games earlier this year when Jeffery and Desean Jackson were out, Agholor saw double digit targets and performed in both games. I could see him possibly getting double digit targets again in a plus matchup if he's cleared and that type of volume would be hard to ignore.
  6. AintNoStoppinMeNow

    Week 15 and 16 DST Thread

    Who do we like during playoff time? Debating between Pittsburgh and Green Bay myself with Cleveland sitting on the wire. I like all three options but having a tough time deciding. I stashed the Packers awhile back for this stretch but Trubisky and the Bears offense suddenly looks competent. Green Bay ranked #2 this week by FFToday. Pittsburgh has been overcoming their offense all season and get the Bills this week with the lowest O/U of the week. Cleveland is tempting with all the sacks Kyler Murray has been taking lately. San Francisco owners just saw their defense get shredded last week by the Saints leading to a negative point performance for many. They're back home with a plus match up but their D is suddenly the walking wounded missing the likes of Richard Sherman and Dee Ford. Anyone streaming a bad defense in a good matchup like NYG vs Miami or Philly vs Washington? Maybe even Detroit against Jameis with a bad hand?
  7. AintNoStoppinMeNow

    Dalvin Cook says he is fine....Dr. Chao disagrees

    I'm not a Cook (or Mattison owner) but what a conundrum it will be for those who have to decide this Sunday. I somehow think this will go the way of David Johnson/Chase Edmonds vs the Giants a few weeks back. The Vikings will dress Cook and make him active but only give him a few touches (unless the game is close and he is needed which they most likely won't). The Cardinals dressed DJ that game and I think he saw 2 touches the whole game while Edmonds ran wild. Mattison is more than good enough and the Lions are bad enough that playing Cook at his normal workload won't be worth the risk for the Vikings.
  8. AintNoStoppinMeNow

    Which DST to stash for playoffs?

    The Giants have the best schedule by far facing the Dolphins Week 15 and the Redskins Week 16 but their defense is just so bad I don't think anyone could possibly roll them out in crucial playoff games with any type of confidence.
  9. AintNoStoppinMeNow

    Saquon x rays..

    Both Saquon and Coach Shurmur have come out this week and said getting shut down for the season this week is crazy and won't be happening. Shurmur is obviously coaching for his job and Barkley wants to be out there for his teammates and because he's a competitor. It's extremely tough for any Barkley owner watching CMC having the season he's having. The line and the playcalling have been downright awful lately and I have only two hopes left for Barkley at this point. 1) The bye week for this staff to look at what they're doing and fix things and a nice 14 days off for Barkley to rest and heal up. 2) The Giants late season schedule, specifically Week 15 and 16 vs the Dolphins and Redskins is as good as it gets. As much as a bust as Barkley has been this season, I've managed to secure a playoff spot without him and I hope the other Barkley owners have been able to do the same. With that said, if you could swing it, would you trade him for another disappointing RB in his same tier like a Kamara or Zeke? Or is that late season schedule too juicy to pass up and Barkley (and the Giants) start to get going after the bye?
  10. AintNoStoppinMeNow

    Does Ridley have more value with sanu gone?

    Agree with oldtimer. As a Ridley owner this trade is fantastic news. Hopefully Ryan is back Week 10 at the absolute latest.
  11. AintNoStoppinMeNow

    Player you weren't so sure about that has paid off

    Fournette easily for me. I wasn't one of those burned by him in the past as I've never owned him but the injuries and the offense did scare me a bit. But when round 3 came around and I saw the last remaining bellcow available I had to take him. While he hasn't been scoring TD's he has surprisingly been a more than adequate pass catcher and his volume is just insane.
  12. AintNoStoppinMeNow

    Lazard. Flex-worthy-or-better?

    Davante Adams, MVS and Geronimo Allison all missed practice today.
  13. AintNoStoppinMeNow

    The New York Jets' Defense

    I know it's the Patriots this week but would it be completely crazy to start them this week in a bind? CJ Mosley returned to practice and looks on track to play. If you want to see the difference he makes with this defense look at what happened in Week 1 before/after he left the game. The Patriots aren't exactly coming into this game completely healthy. I currently have the Packers who have a great matchup against the Raiders (along with the Jets stash) but need to open up a roster spot for Barkley. Would it be crazy playing the NYJ this week?
  14. AintNoStoppinMeNow

    Who did you miss on this season?

    Austin Hooper. I actually talked him up this preseason on here but couldn't pass up the value I thought I would be getting in a top TE like OJ Howard. Planned on taking him as a backup later on but too late. Also the Patriots DST. I really liked their schedule but since I stream to start the year and only prefer carrying one DST in favor of bench stashes I pivoted off of them and onto Dallas cause they had the easier Week 1-3 matchups.
  15. AintNoStoppinMeNow

    I finally dropped _____ and it feels great

    I held onto OJ to cover Waller's bye and I'm going to hold on just a bit longer in case there's any truth to these rumors. With Seattle losing Dissly for the season, an OJ Howard trade makes a lot of sense and would boost his fantasy value a ton. Patriots and Texans would also be great options. Could be nothing but I've held this long so might as well hold until the deadline. Historically huge trades aren't made but we saw a ton at last year's deadline (Amari Cooper the obvious one) and have already seen a few this year.