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  1. whatjusthappened

    Cordarrelle Patterson Eligible at RB?

    Holy crap! Guess I have better things to do with my time than monitor player eligibility on four different websites. Especially somewhat irrelevant players. One of our league owners was in a jamb - and had to scramble to find a RB. Thought is was strange that Patterson was eligible as a RB - since he's always played WR - and so I looked for a little help from FFToday. (Thanks pipeman!) Nice to know that Law has that kind of free-time on his hands.
  2. whatjusthappened

    Cordarrelle Patterson Eligible at RB?

    Is ESPN the site that had Taysom Hill eligible as a TE?
  3. whatjusthappened

    Cordarrelle Patterson Eligible at RB?

    Does Cordarrelle Patterson have eligibility at either RB or WR in any league other than CBS? Even though the Bears officially have him listed as a WR, CBS is allowing him to be used as a RB. Thanks!
  4. whatjusthappened

    Week 12 Scoop and Play WR (Late Addition Added)

    Anyone taking a flyer on the Denver WR -- Hinton -- who will be playing QB this week?
  5. whatjusthappened

    Ezekiel Elliott a gametime decision

    Is it a coin-flip between starting Zeke or Pollard? Any chance Pollard gets the majority of the garbage-time stats -- in what is supposed to be a blowout?
  6. whatjusthappened

    Ezekiel Elliott ....what to do.....!

    16-team league with pretty deep bench. Gotta start Zeke. Question is, do you need to keep Pollard as his handcuff?
  7. whatjusthappened

    Montgomery's Position

    Since the NFL and the Packers both have him listed as a RB, have any fantasy leagues officially changed his position from WR to RB?
  8. whatjusthappened

    Trade Deadline Soon - Targets?

    Our trade deadline is tomorrow before the first game kicks-off. Who are you targeting for stellar play during weeks 14-16?
  9. whatjusthappened

    Aaron Rodgers is the Golden Child and Cam Newton is the step child

    Rodgers put the ball down in anticipation of a TD celebration. Could have easily lost it -- and the play was way too close for the defender to not make an effort. All the hit did was cause Rodgers not to be able to showboat a bit -- while his team was still getting it's ass kicked!
  10. whatjusthappened

    Seattle at New England: In-Game Discussion

    Too funny! It is very clear that people either don't care for Gronk/New England - or don't have him on their fantasy team! Imagine if this was Dallas - and Witten got taken down. Cowboy fans would be rioting!
  11. whatjusthappened

    Trade Help!

    Nope. Not that kind of request. Haven't posted in quite a while -- but I know the rules! Can't seem to get any responses to any trade offers. Typically have made 4-5 trades by this point in the season, and rarely have any of the originally drafted players on my roster by the end of the season. For example... made an offer of Hyde & TY for Lacy -- and left it active all week long. No response. Been playing in this league for LOTS of years -- and owners are usually pretty active. Any ideas?
  12. whatjusthappened

    D-Bag Move... with a Twist

    Sorry, don't mean to hi-jack the 'd-bag' thread below -- but I will anyway! Is it still a d-bag move to churn the waiver-wire to block an owner from picking up a player if that owner occassionally drops his kicker/defense at the beginning of the waiver-wire period and holds an extra player during the week? Essentially, this owner is using the same set of rules to block other teams from acquiring players during the week -- only to drop a player at the last moment (so nobody else can pick that player up) and grab a kicker or defense. Just curious if you think one d-bag moves deserves another? (Long-time, friendly league -- so not interested in changing rules, knocking/punching/wife/kids, etc.) Thanks!
  13. whatjusthappened

    How many more times?

    Another successful year -- thanks to much of the input from many (but not all!) of the folks here at FFtoday. (Thanks again Mike!) Just wondering if there is anyone else like me who, out of habit, simply clicks on FFtoday.com and starts scanning. How long will I continue to do this?
  14. whatjusthappened

    Late Trade Deadline

    Quick update: The trade of Bush/Gore (funny, right?!) for Turner/Rivers was overturned. First time in league history that this has been done. A couple more trades were made after the original trade -- that probably wouldn't have been made knowing that the trade could be overturned. Gotta imagine the Gore owner is REALLY pissed now! Good luck.
  15. whatjusthappened

    Late Trade Deadline

    Thanks for the input guys -- I sincerely appreciate it! Good luck to all who replied.