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  1. Folger71

    Pick 2 Please

    Sorry, half-PPR, should have mentioned
  2. Folger71

    Pick 2 Please

    I lost Metcalf and Chase this week. This league's lineup rules call for essentially 4 flex but no more than 2 at any one position RB/WR/TE. I have Ken Walker and DeAndre Hopkins starting, so really I need to decide on 2 more from... D'Andre Swift or Miles Sanders (can only do 1 more RB) George Pickens or Wan'Dale Robinson (can only do 1 more WR) George Kittle I'm leaning toward Swift and Kittle, anyone have any thoughts? Post yours and I'll give my two cents. Thanks!
  3. Ajayi gets my vote. 24/111 with a TD and a few catches in week 9 against the same Jets.
  4. This is probably what I would start: Brees Miller Hyde Hilton Adams <Graham> Watkins Bryant KC I see where you're coming from, but it's week 15. My personal opinion is that you don't want to be messing too much with what got you here. You're not starting A.J., but I don't think I could sit Hilton or Adams - they're both going to get their looks regardless of the matchup or weather. And yes, Brees has had a couple down weeks and has a tough matchup, but I don't sit him in week 15 even if I have Rivers. With the weather being frigid and a little windy, I think it gives the GB DST a boost, but I don't think it's enough of one to make me start them over KC.
  5. I'd start Hill, particularly if your league gives individual punt return yardage and/or TD points but even if not. Gabriel is a playmaker, Jones is out and they play SF, so I'd start him too. And I think from your others I'd probably go Watkins all other things being equal. Do note they are talking about some snow and gusty winds in Buffalo.
  6. Folger71

    Pick Two

    Half-PPR Bilal Powell (if Forte doesn't play) Alshon Jeffery Sammy Watkins Brandon Marshall Stefon Diggs Delanie Walker Travis Kelce Will answer yours!
  7. Folger71

    WR Assistance! Includes Thu nite guy!

    I would actually start Cooks between those two, but I like them both this week.
  8. Folger71

    Give Gurley Get Benjamin?

    Half-PPR league, we start four total RB/WR/TE positions with no more than two at any of those positions each week. I have LeSean McCoy, Todd Gurley, Brandon Marshall, Demaryius Thomas as my regular starts. Both Marshall and Thomas on bye this week, so I have Delanie Walker and Stefon Diggs in there right now, with Dion Lewis, C.J. Prosise, Corey Coleman, and Travis Kelce on my bench (besides Thomas and Marshall). Someone offered me Kelvin Benjamin for Gurley - do I take it? Tempting with Gurley struggling, but Benjamin isn't playing great either, plus that would give me more depth at WR which I don't know that I need. Anyone have any thoughts? Will answer yours.
  9. Folger71

    Sit Hopkins or Olsen for D. Washington?

    Not sure I would ever sit Hopkins unless hurt - though I know he's underperforming. I'd consider sitting Olsen because Cam is out, but even he is imo a better start than Washington.
  10. Folger71

    Waiver Wire Question - Enunwa or Kerley

    Yeah I agree, the only one I would consider dropping is Julius Thomas, but I am not sure I would even do that for the likes of Enunwa or Kerley. If I did, it'd be Enunwa between those two - he's a beast.
  11. Folger71

    Drop Smallwood for Jaquizz?

    Sims and Martin both doubtful, so Jacquizz should get 20+ touches. Week 6 bye and then likely one or both are back, so it's just this week that he is useful. I'd probably start him over Woods for this week, but DeAndre Washington is also very intriguing. I have both him and Rodgers and I don't know which one I am starting (I posted another topic on this).
  12. Folger71

    Trade Cruz and Graham for Gronk?

    No question about it in my opinion - absolutely take Gronk and run.
  13. Rodgers should get a lot of touches and Carolina's D isn't as tough as it was last year. Washington looks to be in a timeshare though I am reading he likely will get more touches and it's a terrific matchup. Which do you start and why? Thanks in advance for any help!
  14. Folger71

    RB & WR Question

    I need to win both matchups this week to ensure I make the playoffs. I have two questions... First, at RB. I lost FJax, picked up Spiller, but I am not gonna start him unless you guys feel pretty strongly I should. I need two from the following four: L. Blount vs. CAR R. Mathews @ JAC C. Spiller vs. TEN D. Williams @ TB I am leaning toward Blount and Mathews, but Williams is intriguing coming off a nice game and going against a pretty bad D this week. Second, at WR. I just got Andre Johnson back but I am considering sitting him! Need two of these four: A. Johnson vs. ATL R. White @ HOU D. Bryant @ ARI E. Decker @ MIN On this one, my gut says play your studs (AJ & Roddy), but I am concerned with AJ's performance last week and the fact that they are on their 3rd string QB. For Roddy, lackluster performance in the early part of the season has given way to pretty good stuff, but the HOU Defense is also pretty darned good. To complicate it further, I have Romo, so if Dez catches a TD, it's double. ANY thoughts appreciated. WHIR. THANKS!
  15. Folger71

    3rd WR....Need 1...

    I think Baldwin is the real deal. I start him if given those choices. I have to concede that's a flier