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  1. MissionCoach

    Playoff Leagues - Who's the top QB?

    I'm torn between Allen, Mahomes, and Hurts I think you could make the case for each player to be the #1 pick Who are you picking as the top FF Playoff QB, looking for opinions.
  2. MissionCoach

    Pacheco or Patterson this Sunday?

    12 team, 1 PPR. Ekeler and Singletary are my starting RB's this week. So its between Pacheco or Patterson at flex.. Pacheco's role seems to be expanding as a lead RB. Andy Reid told reporters that Pacheco's role should grow. I'm debating starting him or Cordareelle Patterson this week. at the flex spot. Pacheco is going up against a weak Charger run defense, but McKinnon is still in on passing downs for KC. On the flip side, Patterson is still capable of breaking a TD run, or 2 at any given time. Opinions?
  3. MissionCoach

    Mike Evans-Tee Higgins-Amon St. Brown which 2 ROS

    Thanks for the response. St Brown was pulled from the game last week originally for a concussion. After examination, he not have a concussion, but was kept out of the game as a precaution. Right now he is probable for the next game.
  4. I'm desperate for RB help, and am thinking about trading one of my top 3 WR's. for a RB of equal potential. Which 2 WR's do you think have the most upside for the rest of the season? I'm leaning towards trading Brown. While I think he can be explosive, he is not as steady as Evans and Higgins. Opinions?
  5. MissionCoach

    Desperate for WR advice in my draft, risk it or play it safe

    McClarin taken the pick before mine, drafted Johnson. Thanks for the good input!
  6. MissionCoach

    Desperate for WR advice in my draft, risk it or play it safe

    I think McLaurin is a very safe pick, and Wentz is an upgrade over the QB's that have been in Washington, Not a huge upgrade, but an upgrade nonetheless.
  7. MissionCoach

    Desperate for WR advice in my draft, risk it or play it safe

    Good point, Big Ben was definitely on his last leg (literally), but I think he had good chemistry with Johnson, and absolutely had the timing down.
  8. MissionCoach

    Desperate for WR advice in my draft, risk it or play it safe

    I agree with you about Claypool. Pickens has been getting good reviews in camp.
  9. MissionCoach

    Desperate for WR advice in my draft, risk it or play it safe

    If Big Ben was still the QB, I would probably pull the trigger for Johnson.
  10. 12 team league, 1 PPR, start 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, Fkex, K, D Drafting from the 8th spot, my first 3 draft picks 1. Henry RB 2..Lamb WR 3. J Williams RB There was a run on WR's. This is the best of what's left: Waddle, McLaurin, D.Johnson, M.Brown, M.Thomaa Do I play it safe with Waddle or McLaurin? Or do I take a shot that Michael Thomas is can return to form. Opinions appreciated
  11. MissionCoach

    Week 17 All-Out Blitz ...

    Desperate times!!! Need expert help: pick 3 WR's 12 team league 1 PPR Berrios V TB Z. Jones @ Indy MVS V Minny Gallup V Ari AJ Green @ Ari M. Jones @ NE B. Perriman @ NYJ
  12. MissionCoach

    Packers at Cardinals: TNF Discussion

    Cant watch the game, what the hell happened to Kyler Murray???
  13. Carlos Hyde/Jax - Veteran depth behind James Robinson Qadree Ollison/ Atl - Listed as Mike Davis's backup Tyson Williams/ Balt - Does Williams have a role behind Gus Edwards or is Justice Hill the better option Justice Hill/Balt. - Does Hill have a role behind Gus Edwards or is Tyson Williams the better option Tony Jones/ NO - Lots of hype about Jones taking over the #2 spot in NO
  14. You could try to trade back, pick up extra draft picks and still draft Taylor at 8,9,10 probably. I got lucky and drafted A. Jones at 1.9 and Taylor slid to me at 2.3.
  15. Kamara's numbers have been brutal ever since Brees went out and Taysom Hill has been starting. On the other hand, Latavius Murray has looked decent, putting up stellar FF points last week. So...are you starting Kamara, Murray, or both today? Or do you have other options? Luckily I do have other pretty good options, I am starting Carson and Mostert, but and trying to decide between Kamara, Murray, or Hines at Flex. I'm tempted to go with Murray because he has the hot hand. But how do you sit Kamara? Tough choices. What's the general concensus on Kamara?