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  1. Which Pittsburgh WR is going to step up into the #2 role opposite JuJu?
  2. MissionCoach

    Best Draft Slot this Year?

    I typically draft 2-3 RB's in the 1st 3 rounds. Seems like I might still be able to get productive WR's, breakout WR"s, in rounds 4 + 5, if drafting at the end or midde of those rounds, not from the 1st draft position.
  3. MissionCoach

    Best Draft Slot this Year?

    I have the #1 draft slot this year, and have been getting a lot of offers to trade. As of now it looke like Barkley, Zeke, McCaffrey, and Kamara, are the top 4 picks. I'm looking past the 1st round, and wondering if picking in the middle of the draft might not offer more value. Thoughts on the best draft spots this year?
  4. Playoff Leagues are starting today. In a standard scoring league, 1 PPR, how do you have the top 10 players ranked? Brees and Mahomes are a lock for #1 and #2. How do you have the top 10 players ranked?
  5. MissionCoach

    Anyone Considering A Hail Mary?

    I'm considering D. Henry over Curtis Samuel at my flex position. Not really comfortable with Henry catching lightning in a bottle 2 weeks in a row though. While Samuel has been putting up steady, not spectacular, FF points.
  6. 12 team league, 1 PPR Face value, is this a fair trade? RB/A. Collins for WR/D.Thomas Need expert opinions!
  7. MissionCoach

    Panthers at Steelers: In-Game Discussion

    Did Vance McDonald die or retire???
  8. MissionCoach

    Packers at Patriots: In-Game Discussion

    Did MVS retire? WTF???
  9. I read that Sproles may start practicing soon, any Eagle fans want to weigh in on this? Do you think Sproles might be back in the lineup soon and is worth a pre-emptive add?
  10. My WW has been picked clean for the most part. I am thinking of DROPPING Lynch today for Sproles, who is a week or 2 away from returning. I wish the Raiders would officially put him out on IR if that's the plan. What's the general consensus on Lynch, hold or drop?
  11. MissionCoach

    RB3s with Upside

    Looks like Sproles is a week or 2 way from returning. Might be worth a stash, not much else on the WW with all the RB injuries this season.
  12. I have Big Ben and Wilson, tried shopping him, obviously no takers. Is Smith droppable at this point? Opinions?
  13. Anyone trying to buy Bell? What's a fair price? I'm thinking of offering Howard in a package with one of my WR's. Opinions? Anybody else see this as a high risk, high reward move?
  14. 12 team league, 1 ppr, standard scoring Straight up trade, I give Alex Collins, I get Tyler Boyd My other RB's are Gordon, McCaffrey, Bernard, and Ekelar My WR's suck, Landry, Stills, Cole, Goodwin, Agholar, Should I pull the trigger? I'm desperate for a WR upgrade. Coutee, and Gabriel are on the WW, but it's blind bid so you never know. The other WR's are Snead, Moncrief, Dorsett. I hate losing a starting RB, but really need some WR help. Thoughts?
  15. MissionCoach

    Chiefs at Broncos: In-Game Discussion

    Did Sammy Watkins retire??? WTF