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  1. MissionCoach

    Taylor vs Mack

    I also drafted both Taylor and Mack.. I think Mack is the starter for the first few games of the season, and the rookie gets eased in. Hopefully sooner than later, Taylor will overcome Mack as the starter.
  2. 12 team, 1 PPR. - Does this look like a fair trade, or does one team get the better deal? We are still in the middle of drafting. Team #1 Barkely/RB - Godwin/WR - Golladay/WR - Cooper/WR Team #2 Chubb/RB - Conner/RB - Fournette/RB - M.Thomas/WR - Sutton/WR - Prescott/QB Team #1 trades Golladay and draft pick 6.11 Team #2 trades Chubb and draft pick 9.3 Appreciate opinions
  3. Any Updates on Chubb's Concussion/Status?
  4. With Brown out, and Gurley somewhat of a question mark, what are the chances that Henderson gets a bigger share and breaks out today? Anyone starting Henderson with confidence today? I'm still deciding between Henderson and MVS who is now active.
  5. MissionCoach

    Anyone dropping Tyrell Williams?

    Just cut Williams to make room for K. Allen. With Majomes injury, and my bench QB Dalton, I can't carry Williams any longer. Now carrying 4 QB's, Majomes, Dalton, Newton, and Allen, so Williams is out. Gruden did not sound very optimistic about Williams.
  6. MissionCoach

    Lions at Packers: In-Game Discussion

    Does MVS still play for the Packers???
  7. MissionCoach

    OK fellow Barkley owners-are you holding or trying to trade?

    His other RB's are Montgomery, Mattison, Tarik Cohen, Darwin Thompson and Chris Thompson.
  8. My RB's were thin to begin with, I had the #1 pick, and drafted Barkley. My other RB's are Kerryon Johson, who has not lived up to the hype, James White, Latavius Murray, who has not lived up to the hype, and Malcom Brown, ugh. I have been offered Marlon Mack for Barkley and I'm thinking about pulling the trigger. I have a strong WR + TE core, and am currently 2-1, and don't want to tank my season. What are some of you doing, holding Barkley, who could be back in 4 weeks, or might not be back for 8 weeks. Or are you looking for trading partners?
  9. MissionCoach

    Better QB rest of the season

    I would rank them: Brady, Ryan, Big Ben, Dalton, Stafford, Flacco, Keenum Brady looked terrific last week, without AB. If/when AB plays, Brady will slice up opposing defenses. Ryan has grreat weapons, but this might just be an off year for Matty Ice. I think Big Ben recovers from last weeks debacle, we wiill see. Dalton looked pretty good last week under the new coaching staff. When Green comes back, this might just be Dalton's year. Stafford does not excite me, although he could be a decent streamer. Flacco and Keenum = MEH
  10. I see Evans scored 1 point? Is he playing? Still alive? I knew I should have gone RB-RB in the draft
  11. 12 team league, standard scoring, 1 ppr My team is pretty well set at RB: D.Johnson/Ari, Carson, Ingram, J. Hill, G.Bernard, EKELER My QB's are sketchy right now: Mayfield + Cousins His team is in need of RB help: L.Bell, Lindsay, J.Jackson, RONALD JONES His QB's are great, but you can only start 1 QB: Mahomes + Brady Do I pull the trigger on the trade? OR, my other option is to keep Ekeler, and try to pickup Dalton or Stafford off of waivers and stream QB's Any expert advice?
  12. OK trade update is NOW I give: Mayfield + Ekeler I receive: Mahommes + Ronald Jones His team is desperate for a RB and there is nothing on the WW I could also pickup Dalton or Stafford off of waivers and just keep Ekeler for myself. Any expert opinions?
  13. MissionCoach

    AB accused of sexual assault ...3X.

    Not trying to give you a hard time, but if you were raped by another man, how long would it take for you to report the incident to Law Enforcement? Friends + Family? We have got to start listening to victims stories.