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  1. Saturday Night Beaver

    Favorite Nintendo games

    Baseball Stars Zelda Shadowgate
  2. Saturday Night Beaver

    Ezekiel Elliott planning to holdout???

  3. Saturday Night Beaver

    Best song opening

    Ain't Talkin Bout Love- Van Halen When The Levee Breaks- Led Zep
  4. Saturday Night Beaver

    Can we all agree - Fuk Cancer

    The disease sucks.......the zodiac sign is a ok.
  5. Saturday Night Beaver

    Spinoff: Scariest movie ever

    The Exorcist. the music alone is scary as hell.
  6. Saturday Night Beaver

    Best SNL era

    Norm MacDonald on the update desk was the best and most consistent thing on SNL.
  7. Not the lap he decided to make a right turn on.
  8. Hank wasn't a professional......
  9. Saturday Night Beaver

    What’s your nonalcoholic drink of choice?

    an ice cold can of Coke
  10. Saturday Night Beaver

    Has anyone ever..........

    never. always lose them. the only thing I lose more is a sock when I am doing laundry.
  11. Saturday Night Beaver

    what's the last bottle of liquor you bought?

    Jameson Black Barrel
  12. Saturday Night Beaver

    Yanny or Laurel: do you hear what I hear?

  13. Saturday Night Beaver

    Favorite Old Movie - Spermoff - pre 1970

    The Great Escape Cool Hand Luke Casablanca
  14. Saturday Night Beaver

    Desean Jackson - my gut tells me this is the year to own him

    just drafted him as my wr4, and am happy about it. Antonio Brown, Cooks, Macklin, Desean and Ginn are my WR's.
  15. Saturday Night Beaver

    Favorite FF site recommendation needed

    Ditto. Outstanding customer service too.