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  1. Canadianfan

    Boy am I sorry I drafted Conner

    Even when healthy I’m not impressed with Conner. He’s average at best
  2. Canadianfan

    Gambling thread week 2.

    did the over in the Thursday game.. hopefully can continue the luck Carolina @ Tampa over 47.5
  3. Canadianfan

    FU week 2

    I'll add AJ green to this club FU
  4. Canadianfan

    Clyde Edwards-Helaire Achilles Heel

    this is funny stuff. you guys are worried about losing goal line carries afternoon one game? calm down
  5. Canadianfan

    Your Best Lineup

    Three player protected league protected saquon, Adams , Jacobs brady saquon Jacobs Adams thielen Waller aj green flex mostert flex zeurlein patriots bench Rodgers fant slayton scored around 210
  6. Canadianfan

    What have we learned from week 1?

    Baker sucks giants stink The lions are still the lions Mike McCarthy blows jets are still a disgrace Pittsburgh is back patriots might be better
  7. Canadianfan

    Darius Slayton.

    This post was directed to the ones that weren't.
  8. Canadianfan

    Darius Slayton.

    There's still time to get Darius for those that didn't read my breakout players post. thank me later
  9. Canadianfan

    Future Stud Alert

    Whenever Ja'marr Chase enters the NFL, he should be drafted #1 overall in every rookie draft, and in the third round of every redraft league. Axe, we are all able to google mock drafts. But thanks champ!
  10. Canadianfan

    I started Aaron Rodgers

  11. Canadianfan

    I started Aaron Rodgers

    Oh okay. Sorry buddy. I thought you meant Rogers the TE. Didn’t he retire? Rodgers the QB that plays for the packers was picked in the 10th Mostert the RB that plays for the 49ers was picked in the 6th I hope that helps you.
  12. Canadianfan

    Who is you favorite breakout player this year?

    Not going to pat myself on the back......because other than Slayton these are not true breakouts. but good start
  13. Canadianfan

    I started Aaron Rodgers

    Rogers wasn't. It was Rodgers. The Green Bay Packer.
  14. Canadianfan

    I started Aaron Rodgers

    Rodgers was my late round QB pick in every league. same with Mostert.
  15. Canadianfan

    Raheem Mostert - interesting path to starter

    he's had 10 consecutive big games in a row. Has averaged over 5.6 yards rushing in the 10. you're right one on one thing though, he won't have many more 3.7 yards per carry days moving forward RB1