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  1. skins1967

    Top 5 Christmas Movies

    1. Miracle on 34th St. (Edmund Gwenn) 2. Home Alone 3. Christmas Vacation 4. A Christmas Story 5. A Christmas Carol (George C. Scott)
  2. skins1967

    Weather Forecasts for Fantasy Football Playoffs...

    Green Bay - Partly cloudy, daytime high 20° , Nightime low 12° Pittsburgh - 40% chance of snow showers, high of 30°. Overnight low 21° Buffalo - 40% chance of snow shower/wind high of 25°. Overnight low 19° Baltimore - Partly cloudy/windy high of 38°, Overnight low of 27° Chicago - Partly cloudy, high of 20°, Overnight low 17° Seattle - 40% chance of showers, high 48°, Overnight low 38° Ten - Partly cloudy, high of 39°, low of 28°
  3. skins1967

    Matt Jones' point totals?!?!

    Matt Jones - 8 rec , 104 yds, (27 yds longest recption)
  4. skins1967

    Dallas fans need to rally behind Pacman.

    After wasting my time looking at a few of Pimptaddy's posts, I can honestly say that he is NOT a true Cowboys fan. This has to be an alias trying to cause uproar over ridiculously inept comments. Surely no one with and sense at all would post things like Pimptaddy does.
  5. skins1967

    running backs

    I would say Sammy Morris.
  6. skins1967

    Was McGahee back in the game for a play late in the game?

    According to the "Monday Night" Crew he is listed at 260 now.
  7. The Naked Masked Sex Offender was 52 !
  8. skins1967

    Name an actor

    Captain Hook in "Hook"
  9. skins1967

    Biggest FA bust of all time

    How can you forget Brandon Lloyd ?
  10. I would think that being a male and wearing a jersey with another man's last name on it would be more "ghey" !
  11. skins1967

    heath ledger dead

  12. skins1967

    Tony Romo

    1. McNabb 2. Manning 3. Romo 4. Campbell
  13. skins1967

    Tony Romo

    What is wrong with Tony Romo is that he is not your typical "leader" of a team. He is great when things are going well with his team, but he sucks when there is a breakdown around him and some of his teammates are not playing quite so well. Is Romo good....Yes. Can he will a team to victory....No. I stand by this statement after seeing the events transpire yesterday. Romo is a mid-tier quarterback who just happens to play for "America's Team" and he gets alot of attention....good or bad. Would I like him on my team...yes, but would I expect him to put a team on his shoulders and take control of a game...no.
  14. skins1967

    Tony Romo

    We don't need luck...We just need Seattle to show up !
  15. skins1967

    Tony Romo

    Please enlighten me as to which games you are talking about.