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  1. thorshammer

    WR Vincent Jackson - Active

    I am starting him, but only because I don't have a better option. I am hoping for 60yds and a TD, and I would be jumpin up and down if that happens.
  2. thorshammer

    Describe your "type". What kinda girls do you like?

    Short, no teef, and a flat head
  3. she didn't have clown makeup on :turnoff:
  4. thorshammer


    well done
  5. thorshammer

    cutler or rodgers

  6. thorshammer


    howdy there tarbaby....long time no see any update on barber/choice? starting?
  7. thorshammer

    Forte hurt!

    I wonder if he plays the rest of this game but is too banged up for the FF championship next week? hmmmm... countdown to getting bashed...3...2...
  8. thorshammer

    Why did I start Reggie Bush

    just wait, he will get his yds through the air tonight....maybe a long TD catch 70rush, 5-60yds 1 rec TD not a bad game
  9. thorshammer

    Another pressure situation for Romo.

    also Eagle Green, dont you need to throw size DD at your last weeks' benched QB? or pizz on people in the stands? or route your coach before the season ends? or.........
  10. thorshammer

    Another pressure situation for Romo.

    while I agree that Romo and Garett are not the "ff elite", they dont totally suck either. simmer down a little bit there little feller'. neither have had time yet to puy up a full resume'
  11. thorshammer

    Here's the playoff breakdown.

    thanks for taking the time to post this. good job idiotec, your a tool? what have you posted today that helps FFtoday'ers out?
  12. thorshammer

    Brenda goes down.

    I thought you were talking about the hot chick that i focked in high school.....she sure was smokin'
  13. thorshammer

    Lance Moore is awesome !

    OK, so they both have a 70yd TD catch......it still looks like Moore is the guy based on the fact that he has a 5 to 1 edge in receptions. just stating the facts mam'.
  14. thorshammer

    Portis this week

    RoadLizard sits on a dock, waiting, and waiting, and then.....nibble, nibble | | | | | | J
  15. Thanks....really. It shows that you have some personal interest in this and you took the time to post all of these mulitple links. Your stock just went up in my book. Thanks agin. That being said, I agree with your final thought. Thomas has the potential for the most upside. He is the guy that I would want.