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  1. thegame7000

    Trade Help - leave a link ill answer yours

    Dang, much harder call after last night. But I think most would agree, Peyton despite the #'s, doesn't look good. I think I would do this if I were you. http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=448347
  2. thegame7000

    Randall cobb or stevie Johnson

    Wow...1 good game and Stevie Johnson is in the same category as Cobb? Ah..no.
  3. thegame7000

    I was just offered ODBJ for Randall Cobb

    2 to 1 so far, lol...and I am still in the middle of the fence.
  4. thegame7000

    Trade help

    I too would keep Miller. He will have a top 10 season
  5. thegame7000

    WDIS at RB?

    Ingram, easy choice there.
  6. thegame7000

    Tough WR Choice

  7. Odell Jr. Owner is having that week 1 panic attack. Our league is very TD dependent and my only hesitation is that Cobb has a track record of consistency the last couple years. Should I be clicking accept before he can think twice or do I stay put with Cobb? Thank you guys
  8. BEST CASE SCENARIO FOR BEN: 3,400 yards and 26 tds Best case for LeVeon Bell: 2,500 yards and 27 tds...I'm talking LT/Faulk style, yo. I am assuming with this topic, that we're just throwing out ridiculous numbers, right?
  9. Thank you guys very much for the help. While I am on FFToday, I figured I would get some unbiased advice. Much appreciated amigos
  10. I am in a couple leagues that have funky scoring systems and with a 1 year old now running around the house, I have found my prep time cut in half. I am looking for a good site to help me compile all my rankings? Any advice for a fellow veteran geek? Thanks guys
  11. thegame7000

    Mike Evans

    He (for whatever reason) is still on the waiver in 1 of my leagues (TD heavy league). My worst Wr is Mike Wallace...so my debate is if I think Evans outscores Wallace the rest of the way. I wish I had Jambi from Pee Wee Herman's playhouse to look into his crystal ball and tell me that answer.
  12. I feel it's going to get out of hand...and quickly. I have that feeling that Moreno could be a brilliant play this week. Call the insane asylum, I thinking of benching Foster for him. I can see a stat line of 20-22 carries for Moreno for 90-100 with the potential for a couple Td's
  13. The Frank Gore owner just made me an offer straight up for Darren McFadden. Seemed like a no brainer to me at first, but then I started to hesitate...is this the year McFadden stays healthy and capitalizes on defenses scheming to stop Pryor? Help me fellow geeks...am I over thinking this and should hit accept now? Any help/advice is appreciated Thanks guys
  14. I can't get week 7 off of my mind...105 yards and 1 Td. The Steelers seem to own him Chad Henne is on the wire and I can't help but think he has to throw the ball 50 times to keep up with the Patriots. We do not get penalized for Int's What do you guys think, would you stick with Dalton over Henne?
  15. thegame7000

    Good time to sell High?

    I was offered Reggie Wayne and Michael Turner for Jordy Nelson and Mikel Leshoure. Our league is TD heavy, so Turner is a top 7 Rb. I know Jordy will have a few more games like yesterday...but I feel week in/week out, Reggie will be more consistent as there are not as many playmakers in INDY as there are in GB. My fellow geeks, your advice is appreciated