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  1. grif

    Fired: Coaches on the way out

    Lions fire Caldwell
  2. grif

    The Official Week 15 FU Thread

    Second time AJ has disappeared for me in the playoffs, last year it was week 16 when he put up a donut.
  3. grif

    MNF: Championship Edition

    Down 28, I have CJ Anderson & D Thomas my opponent is done. Standard league with bonus at 100 yds
  4. grif

    Whose sitting Gordon?

    In, hoping for that slant pass that he takes to the house.
  5. grif

    R.Jenning's ankle injury?

    Nope since I suck at guessing the right player most of the time
  6. grif

    R.Jenning's ankle injury?

    Went with Jennings as well
  7. grif

    Turkey Day FU thread

    Fme for starting Romo over Stafford
  8. grif

    Starting Cutler over Romo....

    I have the same choice and have Cutler penciled in right now but I've been dancing back and forth in my head all week.
  9. FU to the Eagles defense who can't stop a noodle armed Rivers coming off a short week and traveling cross country to boot. And FU to me for picking them in a survivor pool.
  10. grif

    Zero points from your kicker thread

    Barth in the starting lineup, Walsh on the bench.
  11. grif

    FF team names

    Going with Don't Luck at my Fleener this year
  12. grif

    My projections are done

    Thanks a lot swirvenirvin, this is great work. I added your spreadsheet to my iPad and plan on using it for my upcoming drafts this weekend. Awesome!