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  1. Helping to fill this league....This league has been running since 2015 on myfantasyleague.com The league consists of two 16 team conferences with their own player pools. Normal buy-in is $150 with a $150 deposit. We are offering a buy in of $75 with a deposit of $150 for the upcoming season. League dues run through Leaguesafe. League features: 46 man rosters including a full IDP lineup, PPR (1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 2 TE, 2 RB/WR/TE Flex, K, P, 1 DT, 2 DE, 3 LB, 2 CB, 2 S, 1 DT/LB Flex) Complete 7 round rookie draft followed by a veteran auction of players that are hitting free agency Franchise tags, rookie options, full taxi squad League is pinned to NFL salary cap 4 year Rookie contracts with a 5th yr option for 1st and 2nd round draft picks. Contracts of 1-5 years assigned to players won in free agent auction. This league is essentially as close to being a real NFL GM as anyone outside of the NFL actually can get. Obviously more involved than a normal league, so please make sure you can commit the time needed. New owners will be placed in a dispersal draft where the contracts from the orphan teams are placed into a separate draft, so new owners will have a say in how their teams start. Payout structure is created to spread payments out and allow rebuilding teams at a chance to win at least some money or draft picks: Weekly High Score: $25 x 16 = $400 Wild-Card Teams: $50 x 4 = $200 Division Champion: $150 x 8 = $1,200 Toilet Bowl Runner Up: Draft pick 4.17 Toilet Bowl Champion: Draft pick 3.17 Elite Eight: $100 x 8 = $800 Final Four: $200 x 4 = $800 Conference Champion: $250 x 2 = $500 3rd Place: $100 Survivor Series Champion: $175 All-Play Champion (16 weeks): $175 Super Bowl Champion: $300 MFL Cost: $150 Total: $4,800 Contact: gmanning102@yahoo.com if interested.
  2. one team left. Miami let me know if you're interested...
  3. 16 team Dynasty Startup recruiting for GM's - (5 teams taken) 25 starting positions. 11 IDP and 14 offense (including coach, punter and offensive team (OL)) 10 taxi squad 46 game day total roster spots $75 using league safe full salary cap league matching NFL Salary Cap Franchise tags Extensions 1 copy of each player Using AFC teams only at this time. 1 conference with 4 divisions Veteran startup AUCTION to be held in February. Rookie draft in May. Looking for GM's with IDP and salary cap experience AFC Dynasty League league bylaws located in the league links section - check 'em out! DM or email: kapling@hotmail.com if interested. Tell me about your experience including example leagues... Looking for active owners who plan to be around for awhile.
  4. Apling123

    trade help

    which side would you rather have: DJ Moore, Raekwon McMillan Chris Hogan, Mark Ingram, Bob Wagner Need to decide on this trade offer.
  5. Apling123

    ESPN free agent auction

    Waiver Process Days and Time: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday at 11 AM This is the settings I have set for our Auction? not sure I understand what you issue is since a new auction opens each day?
  6. Apling123


    charles went in rd 2 pick 16 in my draft
  7. Apling123

    Holmes departure from Pittsburg.....

    Pittsburgh has the 28th worst schedule for QB's this year and the 31st worst for WR!! TE are 24th. just a note..
  8. Apling123


    what happened to the mock drafting module? did they get rid of it? Also, whats the point of having world fantasy points this year if teams are free? thx
  9. Apling123

    I need a good money league, online not live.

  10. Apling123

    FFOC alternatives

    http://www.pffwc.com/ New site that a few of the FFOC players are now using. Its a new site this year created by one of the players from FFOC last year. Has the same scoring and the use of cutlines. Pretty much FFOC reborn, but is putting money in escrow.
  11. Apling123

    Need a link or website for

    Anybody have a quick link or know where to find a ranking by offensive position against defenses for the year. Example: LT has the 5th easiest rushing schedule against defenses for the year. Need for RB, QB and WR?
  12. Anybody have a quick link or know where to find a ranking by offensive position against defenses for the year. (positional SOS) Example: LT has the 5th easiest rushing schedule against defenses for the year. Need for RB, QB and WR?