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  1. AirRam

    Afghanistan vs. Iraq war

    Oddly enough I did.
  2. AirRam

    TDZ is down

    40 hard core
  3. AirRam


    This has to be the most coherent GFIAFP post in the history of GFIAFP posts.
  4. AirRam

    Question: Do you resent the rich

    Interesting social experiment.....send me $100k and I'll keep you posted.
  5. AirRam

    moveon.org ad bashing McCain

    Air Force Academy.
  6. AirRam

    Who is your FFtoday Nemesis

  7. Doyle Redland - 11 Jun 2008 - 19:23 patweisers44 - 9 Jun 2008 - 9:36 Leonard Skinnard - 2 May 2008 - 23:38 gocolts - 23 Mar 2008 - 12:17 7high - 25 Jan 2008 - 22:39
  8. AirRam

    Iraq War....

    Thank you.
  9. AirRam

    The Goodie Bag Has Landed!

    I believe I sent a Sank you note as I remember receiving the package with notes from the kids. If I didn't send one I did get it and thank you and your family for thinking of me. Ed and others: as I show in my message to PFB1 I suck at responding which comes across embarassingly self centered. This bump is intended to be a universal thank you to everyone.
  10. AirRam

    The Goodie Bag Has Landed!

    I wanted to bump this at about the two year mark to say thanks again to the good peeps who were so kind to me and my fam.
  11. AirRam


    There's always next year!! maybe we can bring back Roy and Lemeiux, too
  12. AirRam

    What have you been kicked out of?

  13. AirRam

    What have you been kicked out of?

    High school track meet. No contact you say? Not if you're throwing the javelin. So me and this kid live in the same shathole town all of our miserable 17 years to that point. We'd played on basketball, baseball and football teams. By high school this kid transfers to the prep school which I thought was pretty ghey, so I told him so. He oddly enough took offense to such an observation from an obvious inbred country bumpkin and attempted to strike me. I smiled at him in shock as he punched me in the mouf. Then we proceed to get into a sissy slapfight of epic proportions....think MDC vs Toro...and vow to "see each other again". So we see each other five more times and get kicked out of five more basketball ( I closelined him, he pushed me into the third row, then your run-of-the-mill-slapfight), baseball (he beaned me in the dome with a fastball), and football games (he had three guys go for my knees on the opening kickoff so I tackled him on the sidelines and suggested he moved to the private catholic prep school for the action he got as an alterboy). So spring rolls around and our schools are competing in track. He was throwing shot as I was going between running the hurdles and throwing javelin. I was craptastic at javelin but for some reason I got behind a throw and while it landed out of bounds it also landed 4 feet from where my buddy was getting ready for the shot. Then all hell broke loose and he took off after me. Coaches got between us thus preventing the world from finding out just who would win in a javelin vs. shotput fight and we were both thrown out of the track meet.