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  1. Please make EMoney, whoisjgalt, and myself moderators in the LOD forum. Thanks.
  2. Steebo

    Old Threads

  3. Steebo

    Old Threads

  4. Steebo

    most underrated video games of all time

    Both of those kicked butt. Also Mutant League Football was awesome.
  5. Steebo

    Old Threads

    Yes? No? Maybe? ???
  6. Little known fact: The balck nerd was also the black Kobra Kai.
  7. Steebo

    Little known facts about Chuck Norris.

    Yes, thats what I said.
  8. Steebo

    Little known facts about Chuck Norris.

    Chuck Norris posted some facts about himself on FFT not knowing that FFT had gone kaput for several months. Since he did not know that these facts were old news he got mad and posted profanity-laden topics about said facts on FFT. MikeFFT baned Chuck Norris. EOP has over 1,000 posts. Thats alot of emoticons.
  9. Steebo

    Old Threads

  10. Steebo

    Old Threads

  11. Steebo

    Old Threads

    Is there any way to get them back? i.e. stickied threads of FF leagues? That would be great if we could..........
  12. How come noone posts help questions over here?
  13. Steebo

    It was fun while it lasted

    DD, I sent you an email.
  14. Steebo

    Playoff Fraft and Stuff Round 1234567 & 8

    Did I miss it or did noone draft Michael Vick?