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  1. SayChowda

    anybody ever eaten at Wahlburgers?

    Went for the first time about 2 weeks ago. Enjoyed the burger, but wasn't anything special. About a 40 minute drive for me, and then was about a 30 minute wait for a table. I would say it is better than a 5 guys or similar type of place, but there are definitely pubs nearby with fresh-made bigger and better burgers. I got some Patriot's 4 ring burger - burger with cheese, siracha ketchup, turkey bacon, and 4 onion rings on it. I got a side of sweet potatoe tator tots - those were great. I wouldn't go back unless I happened to be near it. For anyone that watches the show, Nacho was actually sitting at a table in there.
  2. SayChowda

    Lawn Boys

    Bought our current/first house this past June. Divorced mom with high-school age daughters were the previous owners. About 2/3 of an acre of lawn which was not taken care of. Plus before we bought it septic work was done so that area was actual dug up and not-well re-planted. I want the lush green grass that some of the neighbors have. It will take a few years probably. I am doing the fertilizer (and used lime too) myself. Have a service doing the mowing/edging and did a spring clean-up. Going to get a quote too from them to replace a section of "lawn" that is just really, really bad.
  3. SayChowda

    Tom Brady in minor car accident (is okay)

    Updated thread title... And link - http://www.boston.com/sports/football/patriots/extra_points/2010/09/report_brady_in.html
  4. Happened in the city of Boston, he was taken to the hospital. Heard this on our local NBC affiliate, channel 7. Keep an eye on Boston.com and espn.boston for links. I'm sure something will be online soon.
  5. SayChowda

    Taking the 34C's to Playa Del Carmen

    Went to Cancun for a week in April. Couldn't have felt more safe. No issues whatsoever. We stayed around the hotel zone pretty much the entire time, except for a trip to Dolphin Discover on a different island.
  6. SayChowda

    80s punk, hardcore, thrash ...

    For Sick of it All I would go with Built to Last. So many albums though, so others may have different opinions.
  7. SayChowda

    What's your favorite flavor of Doritos?

    I guess it take a Dortios thread to bring me back from the dead. Bosstones this year? I want to the last show which was at the Middle East. Skipped the shows at the House of Blues.
  8. SayChowda

    What's your favorite flavor of Doritos?

    I think they do, but just on the West Coast. Last time I've been in San Francisco and Vegas I've seen them. None in the Northeast through.
  9. SayChowda

    Geek of the Decade - **Semi-Official**

    Mr. Anonymous TylerRoseFan
  10. SayChowda

    Need DJ help#@!

    Ramones - I want to be Sedated Bon Jovi - Living on a Prayer Whitesnake - Here I go Blur - Song 2 Blink 182 - Dammit Def Leapard - Pour Some Sugar On Me AC/DC - Shook me all night long Green Day - (just pick your favorite of their songs) Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Impression that I get enjoy...
  11. SayChowda

    lets have it out: Better Burger?

    Five Guys burgers are really starting to expand out here in MA. I would say 4 or 5 of them have opened in the suburbs around Boston. Tried it once so far, really liked it. Price is right too. Free toppings are a bonus. Had In and Out once, somewhere between the Oakland airport and SF. It was good, but I'll take Five Guys over it. (it could just be the one I remember more is the better one - who knows)
  12. SayChowda

    Pats updates after final cuts

    Pats are about to trade Seymour!
  13. SayChowda

    Barber/Portis Combo

    Got them too in a 10 team re-draft. I think I picked #9 overall. Other options for this week are DeAngelo Williams, Kevin Smith, and Derrick Ward.