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  1. envoy9

    Antonio Brown is World Class Con artist

    Honesty and Integrity are dead in this country. Politics, sports, business. It's every man for himself. What happened here just epitomizes where the country is right now.
  2. I now believe the whole thing is a well crafted Rosenhaus script to become unrestricted FA. 1) AB is locked into crappy deal with Pitt. No guanteed $ 2) Forces Pitt to trade. Oak gives $30 mil guaranteed, but still gets exclusive rights and discount. Real value is $70 mil guaranteed that Julio got today 3) continues crazy act with Oak. Gets total release 4) signs 1 year prove it deal with NE 5) assuming he ends crazy act and has solid year with NE, will sign huge Julio like deal in 2020 In doing this, he risks everything that no serious injury in 2019. WE ARE ALL BEING PLAYED
  3. envoy9

    Melvin Gordon update

    So question here, does anyone know how much the Chargers offer to him was guaranteed? It's pretty much out there that they were offering $10mil average per year, and I agree that is where he belongs- above Freeman but below Gurley, Zeke, and Bell. But for this position, the guaranteed amount is more critical. Bell got $25 million guaranteed and Zeke got $50! If the Chargers guaranteed more than $20 million in addition to his 2019 current contract, then I agree, he was foolish to continue to hold out. Anyone know? Also, I know it's a negotiating tactic, but for the Chargers to lowball the contract offer, but then demand two #1 rounds for a trade- for that team to then have to pay him, is nuts. I heard Philly responded by offering a 4th round, and for the Chargers to pay part of Gordon's contract.... this reminds me of when someone offers me a ridiculous trade offer in Fantasy I respond back with something equally crazy.
  4. This guy is throwing up so many warning signs (new team, inferior QB, weaker team, frostbite?, crazy helmet issues) that I just frankly don't know what to think about this. Generally I plan to let him drop and have some other guy spend a high draft pick on him. However, the question is, how far does he fall before the risk turns into value? Clearly he is not a 1st round guy anymore. My gut tells me he will be taken in the 2nd round in most leagues, even with all this craziness- and I will pass on that. Is he value in the 3rd or late 3rd? I have to assume that he is a must draft in the 4th if he falls that far. I would be interested in what people think on this one.
  5. envoy9

    League Issue

    I agree with the consensus regarding voiding the deal unless he pays the 2019 fee. Now regarding the trade itself, assuming he pays or stays, Id let that through. Part of the idea of keeper leagues is that folks do trade the present for future. If owners believe its lopsided for 2018, the question to ask is who would give more of their 2019 picks in a better package offer? If theres not a better offer on the table, then its a fair trade.
  6. envoy9

    Doug Baldwin overreaction or common sense

    As a Baldwin owner in my keeper league I have been benching him all season. He is obviously injured and should probably be on IR. That being said, definitely bench for Lockett, but dont drop in 12 team leagues.
  7. Hey Dynasty/Keeper owners- I am in 2nd place in a competitive 12 team PPR league where we can keep up to 8 players a year. My team is: QB Cam, Trubisky, RB: Gordon, Cohen, Tevin Coleman, Crowell, Devonta Freeman (IR); WR Julio Jones, Thielen, Baldwin, Funchess, Lockett; TE: OJ Howard; It is an especially stacked team that has taken me years to build. The Sony Michel owner is in last place and can not make the playoffs this year; the offer on the table: I trade Devonta Freeman, Tevin Coleman, my 10th round pick next year for Sony Michel and his 15th round pick. Should I do it?
  8. I know for this season that Devonta Freeman is basically done for Fantasy purposes, but in dynasty leagues, what do you see happening? Is he being traded for draft picks or lower tier players? I would assume that he is not being outright dropped in Keeper/dynasty leagues, but I guess that would depend on roster size and IR rules for individual leagues, but I would be interested to hear. For 2019, Tevin Coleman is a FA, and given that he has not stepped up, my assumption is that Atlanta does not sign him to big money. Thoughts?
  9. envoy9

    Fitzmagic past week 4?

    Fitz-reality. Winston will start week 6.
  10. The bottom line is the NFL is a business and ideally wants liberals and conservatives $. Look at how heated a debate we have just on this message board. If it was your business, would you consider a player that would alienate such a proportion of your fan base?
  11. envoy9

    Fitzmagic past week 4?

    Fitz will be 36 in Nov. He is not going to be a long term solution. Winston may not either, but TB has a strong incentive to give him a chance to be the guy since if hes not theyre in the QB wilderness
  12. envoy9

    Fitzmagic past week 4?

    Well, Winston is the future of this team, so you have to assume Fitz on short leash. If Bears win, and they are favored to do so, then it is certain Winston starts week 6. I like Fitz, and he has his moments. But lets be real- If he really was this good he would be a Franchise QB for someone at this point.
  13. envoy9

    What you learned from your draft

    In all of my drafts, players with suspensions are being overly penalized. In one draft I got Mark Ingram in the 8th; Aaron Jones going about round 15, Edelman round 12; I picked up Winston as my backup QB in round 16. Absolutely the suspensions need to be factored in, but this is value!
  14. envoy9

    Guice Torn ACL per Schefter

    So, for Dynasty League players, what do you see as Guice's realistic value? I saw someone traded him for a 1st round next year which I don't see happening in most leagues... Is he worth drafting and using the IR spot? What is the possibility of Guice being a decent RB 2 coming back from ACL surgery in 2019?
  15. So, Bell just turned down a 5 year guaranteed $33 million deal, with incentives that could make it worth up o $70 million. I think he is insane. I get that he is amazing.... I get that he may have a stellar year, but the market for aging RBs is not good- and even if he puts up a career year, I would question whether he gets a better deal in free agency. Just look at what has happened in MLB with the market for veteran players- I just see him getting pennies on the dollar because of his age and position. I really like the guy and would love to draft him for FANTASY purposes this year, but I would be interested to hear if there are folks out there that disagree with me and think he can get a bigger payday than this $33-70 million dollar offer he rejected. Thoughts?