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  1. El Barton

    Notre Dame on Fire

    Someone's getting fired for this...
  2. El Barton

    Notre Dame on Fire

    Nice try
  3. El Barton

    Notre Dame on Fire

    Isn't that special.
  4. El Barton

    Notre Dame on Fire

    Looks like it was being renovated. That may have had something to do with it.
  5. El Barton

    Serious replies only please

    yeah....I think it has been well established that I am Jeff Van Gundy.
  6. El Barton

    Serious replies only please

    You are implying that this would be limited to th U.S. Political correctness knows no bounds. I believe the term you are seeking is: Government Not if you're blind. No (how would exotic dancers make a living?) Only if the meal is government funded (see question 1) Not yet This is outdated thinking based on old stereotypes....frankly, I am offended.
  7. First, holy crap MLB, healthcare for life for ONE day in the majors?! Second, they are not under contract, they have little leverage. The NFL will just stop televising the HOF week stuff. You'll still get the induction at the stadium, but the gold jacket dinner stuff will be pulled. (That is the big one where the HOFers are paraded out) They only started televising that stuff 4-5 years ago...so I don't suspect Goddell will lose any sleep over it.
  8. El Barton

    Just got some percoset!

    Water doesn't help with current stones, just future stones. I am surprised they aren't taking proactive steps to address the big stones. 8mm is huge! Flowmax will help pass the stone. Toradol is an anti inflamitory...helps with pain...take it. As people have said: Drink lots of water (soft water) Stop drinking coffee AND tea Stop eating processed meats (nitrates & oxalates) Stop sleeping with Asian chicks (not sure how this helps)
  9. El Barton


    You're not man enough!
  10. El Barton

    Favorite movie/tv villain

    Nice! I love it when the record producer calls him "Mr. Nuff"
  11. El Barton

    Favorite movie/tv villain

    Sho 'Nuff If you don't know it, don't bother googling it (or watching it). It was a bad movie from the 80s called: The Last Dragon. I am one of about a dozen people that have ever seen it. Ghetto kung fu in only the way the 80s could make a movie. He was "The Shogun of Harlem"
  12. El Barton

    When Trannies Attack!

    Or Giants Fan
  13. El Barton

    HoF Ceremony

    Not only do I watch, I work it! I live near Canton, and have been volunteering for the past 7-8 years. I love doing it. I am a big fan of football and getting to see these guys each year is a highlight for me. If you ever plan to make the trip out. Be sure to get tickets to the Enshrinee round table on Sunday. It's one of the better events!
  14. El Barton

    Kidney stones

    I've passed 2 bigger stones...not fun...the last one took almost a week to pass...toradol and flowmax are your friends. As others have said, reduce salt and increase water. Also cut out processed meat (like hot dogs), and cut out things like coffee and tea. Nothing will dissolve a stone, but these steps will keep them from forming/growing.