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  1. KC Deuce

    Funny Picture thread

    What in God's name is this ?
  2. KC Deuce

    ***Geek Club Playoff Game 2018***

    Third. Christ! Congrats Tantasic . . . well done. I got in a buddy's this year which is $10 per entry. I locked er up by over 20 pts with the following: QB - Brady QB - Big Ben RB - Gurley RB - Fournette' \RB - Henry WR - Jones, Julio WR Hill, Tyreek WR - Thomas, Michael TE - Ertz TE - Olson, Gregg DF - Minnesota PK - Hauschka The other three combos that COULD have won with SB only left to go but I was +13 over any combo going in Brady/Jefferey Gronk/Elliott Brady/Phildelphia But, we do PPR and i LIKE THE EXTRA wr/rb VS pk/DEF. If there is interest in doing this for some sort of entry fee, I will coordinate. Valid email and money neede up front to count an entry. PERIOD,
  3. KC Deuce

    ***Geek Club Playoff Game 2018***

    Ive done well in this thing. But unless Ertz.goes bananas, looks like bridesmaid material.agai for.me!
  4. KC Deuce

    Who is the Cheapest Basturd in The Geek Club

    Its me. I could care two shits for any of you and I am fortunate to have me. Bored Fokkers.
  5. BLOW/ The name says it all.
  6. Why ? 94% Proof. Kraken & A&W Root Beer will change your life. Good or Bad; I you not.
  7. KC Deuce

    Your favorite movie of these 5

    This is Shawshank; and I don't feel it's close. I honestly saw Shawhank Redemption in 2010. For the first time. I am 48, I have watched it at least 100 times since, Goodfellas would be #2 from the list.
  8. KC Deuce


    II'm going to intervene. As an investor in Cryptocurrency and a new person to the whole idea/situation. I will say this; I invested with $100 AND HAVE GOTTEN ADDICTED. i started just before Christmas, I bought $100 of Bitcoin at $16K and change. I have bought around $700 total of Bitcoin ranging fro $12,000 to $18,000. I bought $200 of Ethereum at around $850,00 January 2nd THIS year, And $120 of Litecoin for $290.00 the same time I had bought BitCoin. The person that got me intrigued quit a $250,000 job after investing $50,000 about 9 months ago. He's a day trader. I am looking long term. The reality is I am way up now on Ethereum, about Even on Bitcoin and a little down on Litecoin. But you must be patient IMO when investing little. Wen I say I am way up on Ethereum, I have made $80.00 on my $200 in one week. I want to see whee it is in 6 months. I am not a day trader, I am lucky to have found $1000 to invest. If everything tanks and I lose $1000, I am OK. Trying to figure out the next Crypto to explode is like Roulette. Ripple has been one I am eyeing but have NOT invested. I wish I had realized Ethereum's model and had not invested in LiteCoin at the time. Ethereum was probably $700 at that time. Today it went over $1400. I expect Amazon starts taking Bitcoin for orders; gen pop will realize where this is and it will provide "real world" value. I say it happens before the end of February. If so, Bitcoin COULD go to $30,000 or up. But, I have NO idea, sped what you can . . . just adds value to the entire crypto wave IMO. Do you homework; plan a strategy. Unless you are REALLY good at ROULETTE!
  9. KC Deuce

    ***Geek Club Playoff Game 2018***

    QB - Keenum (MIN) QB - Brady (NE) RB - Bell (PIT) RB - Gurley (LAR) WR - Thomas, Mi. (NO) WR = Jones, Ju. (ATL) TE - Kelce (KC) TE - Ertz (PHI) DF - Jags DF - Titans PK - Hauschka (BUF) PK - Gano (CAR)
  10. KC Deuce

    Shout out to your unlikely heros carrying your team

    Mark Ingram, Evan Engram and Will Fuller (for a couple weeks there). My first three picks were Julio, Amari and Dez and they've not been doing their part for most of the year. I am somehow 8 - 2. Oh, and I lost Rodgers but had scooped Alex Smith two weeks before to cover ARs BYE. Had to stream a couple times with Dalton and he's been OK in relief. And a special shout out to McKinnon . . . grabbed him from waivers to play over shitty CJAnderson and he came through with a couple 20+ pointers. What a year!
  11. KC Deuce

    Smack me to reality

    Yeah; I always like to see the draft positions or hear a bit of background of how a team like this is amassed. I presume that Bell was Rd1, then Hilton or Dez in Rd 2, the other Rd3 but did you get Fournette in the 4th ? Brady the 5th ? Allen in the 6th ? Benjamin in the 7th ? Did you make trades to make this team possible; it just seems that would be difficult to match some of those in a 10 or 12 team league. I hope it's not a Yahoo random league; my buddy always shows me those and seems to have some crazy combos like Brees/Bell/MGordon/Dez/TY . . . like 4 1st or 2nd rounders because of auto drafts and such. Case in point; I just lost Rodgers whom I had drafted in the 4th round but last week I scooped up Alex Smith from Waivers . . . yes, the #1 overall ranked QB was sitting on the Wire in a league I have played in for years and feel that most of the owners are very knowledgeable. But we do have limited spots on our benches so it's not uncommon for someone to carry just 1 QB and no backup. I thought I might be able to use him as trade bait having he and Rodgers . . . . Wow, I got lucky I guess. The 10 starters that teams use each week are (Brady, Rodgers, Brees, Watson, Winston, Rivers, Mariota, Wentz, Cousins, Wilson) . . . so it's not like teams are hurting for a QB. One guy has Watson and Cam and plays Watson every week now of course.
  12. KC Deuce

    Regrets, I've had a few

    Just one league for me; but I drafted 4th in a 10 team and took Cooper in the 2nd Round and Dez in the 3rd, so I passed on Gurley/Zeke in Round 2 for Cooper. Julio was my #1 and we play 2 RB, 2 WR and Flex. My RB crew is Mixon (5th rd), CJ Anderson (6th), Ingram (7th), Henry (10th) and McKinnon and Cohen (WW scoops). Been trying to move ARodgers (4th) or ASmith (WW) . . . but in a 10 team with light benches, nobody is biting. The offers for Julio are embarrassing even though he's underperformed. He's Julio.