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  1. tackle_football

    The Final All-Out Blitzes of the season ...

    Guru, great info in your write up and follow ups here. Trying to decide on my flex. Parris Campbell, D. Singletary, or Dotson. Sat Walker Thursday due to matchup with 49ers which you touched on. Full pt PPR. Thanks
  2. tackle_football

    Ideal Draft Position

    I’ve got #6 in one of my bigger leagues full pt ppr…who you targeting there which the assumption JT, CMC are gone for sure and Kupp and Jefferson are more than likely gone.
  3. tackle_football

    Who to take #3 overall 12 team, 1 pt ppr

    Agree on his year last year but he was RB 3 for the 1st 5 weeks and Daks injury. When guys underachieve like he did last year folks seem to devalue them the next but I get you were burned. He was also missing 3 olinemen and after Dak went down all the defenses keyed on him because of the other QBs (much like I think Kamara will get even more attention now with Brees gone and Michael Thomas out for a good while). He also was not in great shape and didnt work out for a month due to Covid right before the season started.
  4. tackle_football

    Who to take #3 overall 12 team, 1 pt ppr

    I've been struggling to decide who to take #3 overall for my big money league. I have been dead set on Zeke for the last several weeks (and still am as of now) but would love some feedback. CMC will be gone, I assume Cook is gone but he may be there but still think I would take Zeke because of Cooks injury history. Kamara worries me with Winston and crap WRs and I just cant take Henry due to his style of play, lack of receptions, and new offensive coordinator. Zeke seems to be in much better shape than last year, has the 3 starters on the Oline back, and a seemingly healthy Dak. Defense won't be that great and he will get a ton of touches. Thoughts?
  5. tackle_football

    Lets see those lineups boys

    Picked 7th in 12 team redraft, 1 pt ppr, no bonuses. Start 1 QB, 2 RBs, 2 WR, 1 Flex, 1 TE, K and D QB: Newton and Prescott RB: Carson, Montgomery, Lat Murray, Penny (RB depth worries me for sure) WR: Hopkins, Beckham, Mike Williams, Pettis, Moncreif, James Washington, Beasley TE: E. Engram Def: Jags Kicker: No one cares Had planned to take a RB on the way back in 2nd Rd but Beckham falling to me there I had to take him which made my RBs weaker than I would have liked but I am higher than some on Carson and Montgomery so hopefully they produce and stay healthy. Also high on Mike Williams this year because no Tyrell Williams and no sign of Gordon so think Bolts will have to throw it a lot.
  6. tackle_football

    1st Year Points Only League: Liking It…..Your Thoughts ?

    Did a league this year that has 12 teams 1st playoff team was best record 2nd playoff team was top total points 3rd playoff team was next best record 4th playoff team was next top total points They were taken in that order down the standings. Playoffs start with your average Points Per Week during regular season. Then add the next 3 weeks to that number, and winners are based on total points after Week 16.
  7. tackle_football

    Monday night what do you need?

    Need 34 and got Lindsay, Cook, Hamilton OR Jordy. 1 pt ppr. Who do you start at WR?
  8. tackle_football

    Make or break in tonights game

    I have a very similar set up. Trying to decide between Nelson and Hamilton in 1 pt ppr. Need 16 pts.
  9. Picked him up...needless to say my WR #2 has been an adventure. Have been rotating Bruce Ellington, Jordy, Conley, Amendola etc but grabbed Hamilton off WW. Just need a solid 10-12 pts with upside. Think thats his floor this week?
  10. tackle_football

    Russell Wilson or Josh Allen?

    4 pt pass, 6 pt rush TDS. Who do you go with?
  11. Have Hilton locked in at #1. Need to make a decision between Bruce Ellington, Jordy Nelson, Funchess, or Chris Conley 1 pt ppr. I do have Jared Cook starting at TE already so it makes it harder to pick Jordy IMO. We take the average regular season scoring and start with that in playoffs then take your score the next 3 weeks out of the 4 playoff teams. Highest score after Week 16 so at this point Id rather play the safer pick this week.
  12. tackle_football

    Andre Brown

    I can't decide what to do with him either. Playing in a 1 pt ppr and have Brown, Ben Tate, Rashard Jennings, and Edelman to fill my flex and an RB slot. Pretty much dead set on Edelman but going back and forth on Brown and Tate. My main concern like others have expressed is NY getting down early and abandoning the running game.
  13. tackle_football

    Flex Position PPR League

    Alexander..panthers secondary is banged up and he has been killing it
  14. tackle_football

    Need help filling my flex

    1 pt PPR BJGE vs Eagles in the dreaded TNF game Cecil Shorts vs Dolphins David Wilson (would only consider Wilson if Bradshaw is out) vs Falcons Thanks
  15. tackle_football

    4th pick in 12 team PPR?

    Thanks for all the feedback guys.