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  1. dats007

    Which QB Wins in the Semi’s

    Ultimately I didn’t have the guts to start Eli, benching him for Matt Ryan instead.
  2. I better is possible, good is not enough

  3. dats007

    Which QB Wins in the Semi’s

    I’ve got 10 minutes to decide. Is there anyone out there crazy enough to start Eli over Matty-Ice?
  4. dats007

    Which QB Wins in the Semi’s

    I just noticed my career fantasy record is also one game below .500. Is that serendipitous enough of a reason to start Eli?
  5. dats007

    Which QB Wins in the Semi’s

    He’s been my starter all season but that matchup against the 49ers D (even without three starters in the secondary) worries me. I picked up Brissett earlier in the week but dropped him for Eli this morning (final home game, good/great matchup, need to win to get career record back to .500 is all very appealing).
  6. dats007

    Which QB Wins in the Semi’s

    I need points. The team I’m playing against led the league in scoring and has good matchups. My team was among the lowest scoring. I’m trying to turn that around today.
  7. I’ve got a few options: Eli Manning vs MIA Jacoby Brissett @ NO Matt Ryan @ SF Ryan Fitzpatrick @ NYG 1 pt/25 PaYd; 6pt/TD, -2/Int
  8. dats007

    Leveon today?

    I don’t think ED is enough to keep a player of Bell’s caliber out.
  9. dats007

    I have 4 starting backs...need 3...

    Bell, Coleman, and Singletary
  10. I’ve got some horrible matchups this week in a must win game. I’m currently in 3rd place but if things break the wrong way this weekend, I can drop to 6th and out of the playoff picture. Pick one RB Drake was named the starter for today’s game against the 49ers and their 4th stingiest run defense. Hyde has it a little easier as the Texans take on 11th best run defense. Pick one WR John Brown has a decent matchup against the Dolphins awful pass defense but he’s only scored double digits twice (Wks 1, 7). Emmanuel Sanders has looked good since being traded to SF, but he’s banged up for this matchup against the Cardinals. Non-PPR Any help is appreciated. Leave a link.
  11. dats007

    TE Help

    I’m thinking more along the lines of situations like this in which I’m debating guys who are all projected to score between 6.7 points and 8.3.
  12. dats007

    TE Help

    I was thinking along the same lines...but in favor Graham. Dude, this is my luck too. I think it’s why I’m reluctant to drop Knox. A recent article on ESPguessN makes the point that Knox has shown good chemistry with both Allen and Matt Barkley, and that he’s earned more opportunities, so maybe he’s got as much upside as anyone else I’ve mentioned and I don’t have to do anything Is there an “overthinking things” thread?
  13. dats007

    Will Dissly

    Will Dissley is the best Seahawks TE since Zach Miller, and he might actually be a better receiver than Miller. If somehow he’s still available in your league, get him on your roster!