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    Top 5 must have fantasy players this year.

    Last year I fell in love with S Smith and traded for him in dynasty leagues and drafted him in new leagues. I REALLY like Chambers this year! I also think Benson is gonna get some playing time in Chicago. Could be a nice value pick. I think Delhomme will have a nice season in CAR, although the RB situation is a little iffy! I like Chad J, again this year. I have confidence Palmer will be okay. Hard to not like LJ. Doesn't mean I will be drafting them 1-5. I just mean,I am going to specifically be looking for these guys in my drafts.
  2. CurleyQ

    Which Player(s) you will 4 sure not touch?

    I have never liked Vick. I am not sure I would take him no matter how far he dropped. I agree on Lelie. I don't agree on Evans. I think his relative value has plummeted to where he is worth where you can get him, now. Picked him up in one league in the 12th round. Thought he was worth the chance, there. I am not sure about McNabb because of the less than quality WR's and I think there are Rb issues there as well. I think he will go off the board, way before I want to take a flier on him.
  3. CurleyQ

    Bears Fans

    Yea, I think we lost the 3rd rounder last year for Ogun...when we traded Booker. I think we still own the 3rd rounder this year.
  4. CurleyQ

    Bears Fans

    I would like them to wait until the 2nd round for a TE. The position seems deep and jeez, they have never used the position much in the past (chicken or the egg?). I would not mind an OT taken, but I do not think that will happen. I would like a CB taken. With Azumah gone, they need help there. Not sure which guy will likely be available.
  5. CurleyQ

    No trade leagues

    Wow! If that is your experience Benchmark, then you have to do what makes you comfortable. I have NEVER experienced your trading frustrations. I am in the Great Lakes Leagues and they are great. Cost is anywhere from $60 to $100, they are fun, and the competitors are tough. I think you have just been in the wrong type leagues. I love the trading. I probably am not the best drafter, but I am a decent wheeler and dealer. I work at trying to assemble good payoff quality teams by utilizing the waiver wire and the trading. If my team does not make the playoffs, I never sit still in the off season. I hate watching everyone else in weeks 14-16. Trading is not easy, because nobody in my leagues is a fool, but if you are creative, don't worry abot making a mistake, are willing to trade draft choices, etc., you can pull off the deals. Do what you have to do, but to have all non-trading leagues seems to be robbing people of the chances to improve their team in the event the draft does not work out. I think MOST people love the trading and if you lost an owner, it would be difficult to find a replacement with THAT strict a rule. Just my $.02.
  6. CurleyQ

    Detroit Lions Draft

    The Bears have blown some picks like Ennis and McNown, but like someone poined out, guys like Vasher and Briggs have really helped their draft record. On Columbo, he was not a top 10 draft pick or anything like that. He was drafted somewhere in the last 1/2 or maybe even 1/3 of the first round where the pickings can be slimmer. He was not THAT bad of a player, but his knee injury was pretty devastating. I hate calling a guy a bust when injuries derail a career.
  7. CurleyQ

    What Mistakes Do The Lions Make Next?

    I really am a Bears fan, but since the Lions share the same division, I will chime in. I have seen some draft projections showing the Lions taking V Davis (TE) with their first round pick. He won't last til the Chicago pick, so I really am not wishing him for Chicago. For god's sake, Millen, draft some defense. Let the TE position go. You can survive there with Pollard or whomever. Grab some help on the other side of the ball.