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  1. You could lose your job if you lie. This is a serious issue. Don't lose your job for a couple of goof balls.
  2. CurleyQ

    Wood burning or Gas fireplace?

    Gas. Although I like the crackling of real wood, the fireplace cleanup and soot buildup eventually on the walls would drive me crazy.
  3. CurleyQ

    The balls on Blago...

    He will be removed from office this week and will soon be in prison with his almost as despicable wife. Holding up funds for Children's Memorial Hospital so he could get a $50k kickback is about all you have to say about this goofball.
  4. CurleyQ

    Blago is on Larry King

    His impeachment is inevitable. He can call all the witnesses he wants for his criminal trial. I have a feeling Fitz has him exactly where he wants him. His going around through the media just accentuates his insanity. He and his wife are both likely to do time.
  5. CurleyQ

    Better TV Show

    King of Queens by far..............if for nothing else than to watch Jerry Stiller as the father-in-law.
  6. Well....I think these trangressions are fairly minor and should not be used to refuse his appointment. I am not saying these things are not at least "curious". If you listen to Jim Cramer (Mad Money), he makes the point that Geithner's had a big hand in letting Lehman falter which propelled us into this economic crisis. THAT is what bothers him most about this appointment.
  7. CurleyQ

    Has any professional athelete ever died

    I think Chuck Hughes of the Detroit Lions died playing the Chicago Bears in 1971.
  8. Sorry I don't have a link, but I used to think Gabrielle Anwar (Scent of a Woman) was pretty hot, until I caught a glimpse of her on that show Burn Notice. Holy crap, I couldn't believe it was the same woman. She did a Nikki Cox thing to herself. The lips are hideous, but that is all I can look at when I see her!
  9. She used to be engaged to that Bobcat Goldthwait guy Jeez.......what in god's name was she thinking?
  10. CurleyQ

    Fantasy Football Girls

    Very entertaining and sooooooo true!
  11. CurleyQ

    2009 first round ( FF )

    Well, I think M Turner has to be in the photo, somewhere. IMO Bush is too high because of my fears he would get hurt or at least wear down. Plus, there are just so many weapons in NO. In fact, I probably do not have him in the first round, because of these reasons. Although I like D. Williams, the fact that Stewart is there would probably make me move him way down or into the 2nd round. I may like Chris Johnson moved up a bit to 6-8. I actually think MJD maybe should be moved up to a top 4 pick.
  12. CurleyQ

    These 3 people must be stopped

    I thought this thread was going to be about .....Jim Belushi. Now that's a guy that needs to be stopped. (maybe w/o a TV show, he will be!)
  13. CurleyQ

    Race car drivers are stupid.

    You can't beat the Race Car Annies that follow these guys around
  14. CurleyQ

    Jonathan Stewart keeper value?

    In a keeper league, I think he is as valuable a rookie back as there is. They did not draft him high to sit on the bench forever. When I have seen him play, I thought he looked pretty good.
  15. CurleyQ

    Rashied Davis WR/D ?

    Davis was drafted as a CB and turned into a WR by the Bears. Why on earth that he can be listed as a Defensive guy is anyone's guess.
  16. CurleyQ

    WR sleepers the rest of the way

    Pehaps S McDonald of Det.
  17. CurleyQ

    *****Official***** Vikings vs Bears thread....

    That goaline fumble by D Clark is gonna piss off Orton owners. Lost points............ouch!
  18. CurleyQ

    Please Rate my Team

    Thought you did great with the first 4 picks. Thought you lost focus in 5-7. I don't like those guys in a re-draft league. I think Hass was nice value, but then you look like you lost focus again in the 9th and maybe the 10th. Just do't like Hackett that much, but maybe there was no one else. I thought NE Def and Pierre Thomas were good late picks. Kicker does not matter that much, but it depends how Cinci's offense starts out. There will be some waiver guys available.
  19. CurleyQ

    MJD - downgraded

    My guess is the O-line problems and the continued WR issues which will affect Garrard.
  20. CurleyQ

    Winslow vs. Gates

    Gates still has that toe issue. Sort of scares me. I say wait and grab Dallas Clark or Gonzo two rounds later!
  21. CurleyQ

    Your top 5 greatest re-watchable movies?

    Die Hard Caddyshack Animal House Shawshank Stripes
  22. CurleyQ

    The Aaron Rodgers Era

    I thought he did pretty good. Is he Favre? No and nobody really expects him to be. As a Bears fan, I wish we had him!
  23. CurleyQ

    Investment Question

    It id FDIC insured. NO worries. They have a 12 mo at 4.25% amd a 36 mo at 5%, also, I believe.
  24. CurleyQ

    Maurice JonesDrew

    I like MJD, but their O-line is in some disarray. In addition their passing game may be hindered due to the injuries and off season WR issues. This could certainly affect MJD's performance this year.
  25. CurleyQ

    The bottom feeders

    I'm a Bear's fan, but I don't like the way the offense is shaping up. They actually may win 8 or 9 games this year, but it won't be because of that offense being very good.