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    Grant Agrees to New Deal

    Sorry if this was posted before. GREEN BAY, Wis. -- The Green Bay Packers agreed to terms with running back Ryan Grant on Saturday, allowing one of last year's breakout stars to end his seven-day holdout and report to training camp as early as Sunday. Agent Alan Herman said Grant has agreed to a four-year deal that could be worth up to $30 million, with much of the money coming in performance-based escalators. Grant will make $4.25 million this season. "He's very happy," Herman was quoted as saying by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "It's been a dream year for him." According to the paper, Herman negotiated a contract in which Grant will earn a $3 million roster bonus when he signs the deal and $1.25 million more this season through $750,000 in base salary and an additional roster bonus worth $500,000. The key to the deal was the first-year payout of $4.25 million, according to a source who spoke to ESPN's John Clayton on condition of anonymity. A week ago, the Packers were offering only $2 million in the first year of a six-year offer. Grant is an exclusive-rights free agent but refused to sign his tender offer from the team in hopes of working out a long-term deal. He did not report to camp earlier this week, and talks between the two sides had stalled until late in the week. "We never approached this with the idea of breaking the bank and treating it as an unrestricted situation, because it isn't," Herman said. Grant and Herman plan to be in Green Bay on Sunday to review and sign the contract. Grant could report to camp in time for Sunday's "Family Night" scrimmage at Lambeau Field, although it is unclear whether he would practice right away. Grant, acquired by the Packers in a trade with the New York Giants just before the start of last season, became the starter in the second half of the season and rushed for 956 yards and eight touchdowns. He added 201 yards and three touchdowns in Green Bay's playoff victory over Seattle. Grant participated in the Packers' offseason workout program but sat out offseason practices because he didn't have a deal in place. Information from ESPN.com senior writer John Clayton and The Associated Press was used in this report.
  2. CurleyQ

    WTF Carolina...

    He did break the jaw of their best CB. Third incident in the last few years. Something had to be done.
  3. CurleyQ

    What $$ amount is Hester worth

    Bears want to pay him like a "return man". Hester wants "#1 WR money". We'll see!
  4. CurleyQ

    The worst movie in the history of movies.........

    The Emerald Forest was a movie some friend rented a loooooong time ago. It totally sucked big time and has to be one of the worst movies I ever was obliged to watch.
  5. CurleyQ

    New FF mags surfacing and....

    I think Barber will finish top 7 this year. No way the rookie takes away more carries than Julius Jones for the coming year, imo.
  6. CurleyQ

    Kobe or Micheal debate?

    Interesting debate. I watched a lot of Jordan and have only seen Kobe play a few times, but his die hard followers have certainly not had to convince me very hard how great he is. However, Jordan's competitiveness and "Will to Win", wheteher he was playing basketball, golf or poker is somewhat legendary. I doubt I will ever see anything like it. As a fan, you always knew they could win (I imagine the Kobe fans feel the same about him). Both players have had decent players around them that they both made better. I like Pippen, but is he ever gonna be thought about as one of the best small forwards to ever play the game? I don't think so. He was a very good defender and a nice all around player, but he had no ability to carry a team. Once a guy retires, people tend to forget him and go to the new flavor. That will happen to Kobe someday too. Then the Kobe fans will be defending him against the new kid on the block. Fun argument to follow on the board.
  7. I agree with Jackie. The only thing I will add is that Dempster has been outstanding and I think is emerging as their real #2 starter. Lilly has been up and down and the other guys sort of come in and out as the #4 and $#5 guys.
  8. CurleyQ

    Trade help

    It is open to debate, but a lot of fantasy experts (including Waldman) feel that Bradshaw is certainly a candidate to be rated above every rookie back this year other than the top 3 or maybe 4. I personally think Bradshaw could start and do very well from what I saw last year. I say you keep Bradshaw and draft a rookie like Smith or Forte.
  9. CurleyQ

    Eliminating the Def and Kicker

    Why not change the scoring, so the positions are a little more valuable?
  10. CurleyQ

    Worst Offseason Moves (or Non Moves)

    Look, I wish the Bears were better, but obviously THEY thought the rookies were not better than what they had at QB. I have to go along with what they thought. Not sure how anyone can argue with that unless a stud QB was available and per the experts, there was none. The Packers must be worried about Rodgers and they drafted Brohm. So either they wasted a #1 a couple years back or maybe they wasted a #2 this year. Time will tell. Also, to dump a ton of money on some guy because he is the best you have makes no sense at all. Berrian was not considered to be a #1 WR and they did not want to pay him #1 money during the season, which was what he wanted. They used the money they saved on Berrian for other guys they felt were more important to their team. To be honest, if you watch Bear games, you know that the offense will automatically improve if that O-Line can be improved. Grossman and Orton had no time last year and Benson had no holes to run through. Sweetness is correct. they signed two QBs who they felt were as good as anyone they could get in the draft. Will they be right? I dunno. Everyone blasted using a 2nd rounder on Devin Hester a couple years back and that has worked out fine. As much as Angelo gets ripped on these boards, he actually has done okay in the drafts. The tribune did an analysis of GMs around the league and the results put Angelo up higher than you would think (can't remember his exact ranking).
  11. CurleyQ

    Worst Offseason Moves (or Non Moves)

    Sho Nuf...... .....feel free to draft some of the marginal QBs in this past draft for your fantasy team. I am sure that you will do great. As far as my scouting....."no I don't personally do a lot of it", although I saw Henne quite a bit. However, most scouting reports , although not always correct, really were down on the QB position. I include Matt Waldman, whose opinion I respect. If you know more, please enlighten us. That being said, there is one guy that I do wish the Bears had gambled on, but he is definitely a long shot.
  12. CurleyQ

    Worst Offseason Moves (or Non Moves)

    Stop the Berrian love for god sakes! That guy is so overrated it is not even funny. He is not even the best WR on the Vikes after they paid him all that money. Sure the Bears need help on offense but over- paying for a WR like Berrian was not gonna help them in the long run. The QB draft was pathetic for QB. I am sure a gem or two will arise out of a dismal pack, but it sure isn't gonna be Henne or Brohm.
  13. CurleyQ

    Worst Offseason Moves (or Non Moves)

    The Bears resigned Briggs and Gould and are working on T Harris and maybe Urlacher. Who did they let go that they are going to miss? Please don't tell me Berrian, because Minny overpaid dearly for a WR that drops that many balls. The Bears on paper had a decent draft and added a respected rookie lineman and a RB that might help replace or motivate Benson. I wish they had added a QB, but let's face it...the draft was not very strong for that position. I agree the Bears are not very good right now, but to say they did nothing in the off season is not true.
  14. Cincy always seems like a mess and probably always will be until Mike Brown is out of the picture.
  15. CurleyQ

    2008 NFL Draft Weekend Team Thread: Chicago Bears

    Alberts would have been okay, but I like Williams way more than Otah, based on the reports I read.
  16. CurleyQ

    2008 NFL Draft Weekend Team Thread: Chicago Bears

    I too am crossing my fingers for Josh Johnson in the 3rd or 4th (Not sure where he ranks for the scouts). That would probably be too good to be true,
  17. CurleyQ

    2008 NFL Draft Weekend Team Thread: Chicago Bears

    I love the Forte pick. I think a QB will be there in the 3rd or 4th we can live with. Not a big Henne fan, although I admit I don't know that much about Brohm.
  18. CurleyQ

    Most disappointing pick for your team..

    Plenty for the Bears, but I hated the Defensive Lineman (2nd round) they took the same year they drafted Rashaan Salaam. The guy was out with a torn ACL, I think from Miami. I remember the media questioning Wannstadt who said that, "they actually timed him faster after his surgery", (4-5 months) than before the surgery. I remember thinking to myself, "How in god's name is that possible?" I don't think the guy ever played a down for the Bears.
  19. CurleyQ

    Kiper vs. McShay vs. Mayock

    McShay seems pretty arrogant to me, but maybe that is all contrived when he is on with Kiper. I think Kiper is okay. Nobody hits on every player, but he seems to have pretty logical thoughts on who teams should take. Hell, the GM's are considered successful if they can hit on 25%-33% of their high draft picks.
  20. CurleyQ

    Rotowire says Pacman trade

    I think Pacman may help them get to a superbowl, more than a 3rd round draft pick.
  21. CurleyQ

    Rotowire says Pacman trade

    If Pacman cleans up his act, the trade is a steal for Dallas. If not, then it is like a lot of gambles in life.
  22. CurleyQ

    How do I get started investing?

    Start investing with mutual funds in order to diversify and spread your risk. Suscribe to a newsletter for $100-$150 a year (ie.Funds Insight) in order to get an idea where you should be. A couple family funds that are decent are Vanguard, T Rowe Price and Fidelity, but there are swo many funds, you have to sort through a lot. Like somebody else said, get a brokerage account at Fidelity for instance where you can hold other funds than Fidelity (there are some thatr can't be bought in those accounts however). Stay away from LOAD funds. Good luck!
  23. CurleyQ

    Composite Decks

    Just make sure of the bracing and that they are using the best scews possible.
  24. CurleyQ

    Composite Decks

    Put one in at a RE asset we manage. The one thing you have to be careful of is the supporting beams. You have to put them closer together than with a wood deck, otherwise there is not enough support. They supposedly last forever and won't fade. We'll see on that.
  25. CurleyQ

    Bears sign Marty Booker and Brandon Lloyd

    I agree about the Bears being awful this year. However, Berrian is not a $7M a year player, in any offense. He is better than any current WR on the Bears roster, but that is not saying much.