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  1. Dan

    **Round Fourteen Selections**

    14.12 - RB Chase Edmonds, TB
  2. Dan

    **Round Eleven-Sixteen Commentary**

    Chase Claypool is a bit of an enigma this year, with questions all over the place. But his numbers at the end of the year suggest that he's got potential. And here's the kicker. Justin Fields is being drafted as the #7 QB (ish). Moore gets the publicity, but Claypool - once he's on the field, has a big upside. I'll take it as a #5.
  3. Dan

    **Round Thirteen Selections**

    13.01 - TE Trey McBride, ARI
  4. Dan

    **Round Twelve Selections**

    12.12 - WR Chase Claypool, CHI
  5. Dan

    **Round Eleven-Sixteen Commentary**

    I wanted Johnson, but misjudged. I thought he'd fall to my next turn.
  6. Dan

    **Round Seven-Ten Commentary**

    Sorry, guys. This day has been rough, and it just got away from me in a hurry. Extreme apologies. Hate you keeping you all waiting.
  7. Dan

    **Round Eleven Selections**

    11.01 - RB Kenneth Gainwell, PHI
  8. Dan

    **Round Ten Selections**

    10.12 - RB Tyler Allgeoer, ATL
  9. Dan

    **Round Seven-Ten Commentary**

    Absolutely praying.
  10. Dan

    **Round Nine Selections**

    9.01 - WR Jahan Dotson, WASH
  11. Dan

    **Round Eight Selections**

    8.12 - QB Tua Tagovailoa, MIA
  12. Dan

    **Round Seven Selections**

    7.01 - QB DeShaun Watson, CLE
  13. Dan

    **Round Six Selections**

    6.12 - WR George Pickens, PIT
  14. Dan

    **Round Four-Six Commentary**

    Or win them a championship. Him and the other guy . . . like playing craps.
  15. Dan

    **Round Four-Six Commentary**

    Watson was on my list. He was one of the ones I debated taking in lieu of the TE route. I love his upside. Very nearly went this way at 5.1 And Dameon Pierce . . . Yeah, I'm trading into this round for like four or five picks, I think.
  16. Dan

    **Round Four-Six Commentary**

    Put in the same spot again, I don't know if I take him. There's a lot of value right here, and many options and directions to go. But I like him here. It gives more flexibility, I think, for the next turn, after I watch players that I would trade up to get disappear.
  17. Dan

    **Round Five Selections**

    5.01 - TE TJ Hockenson, MIN
  18. Dan

    **Round Four Selections**

    4.12 - RB Miles Sanders, CAR
  19. Dan

    **Round One-Three Commentary**

    This was the other RB that I was considering at 3.1. I was surprised to see him drop to the end of the round; I think you've hit the nail on the head, though.
  20. Dan

    **Round One-Three Commentary**

    And that was the other WR I was weighing in that mix. You can't be disappointed with that, robb.
  21. Dan

    **Round One-Three Commentary**

    Well . . . so, that worked. My debate at #1 was between McCaffrey and Jefferson. My rationale ultimate fell to expectation at the 2-3 turn. I was watching Hall and Stevenson as the RBs I'd still consider there. I did consider one other, and probably would have gone that way had I started Jefferson. But the crop of WRs here is really palatable, and I can be content with the start.
  22. Dan

    **Round Three Selections**

    3.01 - WR Jaylen Waddle, MIA
  23. Dan

    **Round Two Selections**

    2.12 - WR Amon-Ra St. Brown, DET
  24. Dan

    **Round One-Three Commentary**

    So sorry, remote. Praying for you and yours during your time of loss.
  25. Dan

    **Round One Selections**

    1.01 - RB Naj . . . er . . 1.01 - RB Christian McCaffrey, SF