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  1. Flgatorguy87

    Duke Johnson value on another team?

    I like the Tampa idea the most.
  2. Flgatorguy87

    What Percentage Of Vetos Would You Need To Nix A Deal?

    69.69% the type of answer this questions deserves.
  3. Flgatorguy87

    First Round NFL Mock?

    What it the best/most realistic landing spot for Murray? I have 1.02 in my rookie draft superflex dynasty, and 1.01 team is pretty roster heavy on young QBs and needs WR depth. I think he will be there if I want him. What natural fits on draft day would immediately create a high value dynasty rookie day 1? Jacobs or Metcalf to Kansas City? TE to New England in the 1st?
  4. Flgatorguy87

    ++ Update: Tyreek in trouble - No Suspension ++

    Not to make light of a serious subject... Dynasty league, full PPR, 30 man rosters, start 1 QB, 3 WR, 2 RB, TE, double TE/WR/RB flex, superflex. Traded Tyreek Hill, 2019 2nd (20th overall), 2019 3rd (30th overall), 2020 5th rder Received Tyler Boyd, 2019 1st (8th overall), 2020 1st rounder (likely 6-10 overall range), 2019 5th rder (48th overall) Edit: I feel like I got about 70 cents on the dollar for Hill. I actually just acquired him last year for Chris Godwin, Marlon Mack, 2019 10th overall, 2019 3rd rounder. Based on that I don't hate cashing him back in.
  5. Flgatorguy87

    Breakout Candidates For 2019

    So is Perriman still promising? He was let out of his Browns commitment with the ODB trade.
  6. Flgatorguy87

    The Free Agency Thread

    It does, but I expect it will be even more predominant this year. They are utilizing RBs at a high clip as well. I think that offense is going to look like the modern wishbone. I don't think Lamar is an NFL passer.
  7. Flgatorguy87

    The Free Agency Thread

    I honestly don't remember Gruden enough to give any insight to his offense. I wasn't an avid football fan back then. Can he support 2 WR's with AB getting I assume primary coverage? Some of you older guys need to chime in on what/if any tendency's you expect from a Gruden offense.
  8. Flgatorguy87

    Derrick Henry train 2019

    Roger Saffold is a HUGE upgrade for this line. They basically replaced the weakest player on the line, with arguably the strongest.
  9. Flgatorguy87

    Why is Carlos Hyde bouncing around so much?

    Yeah. I agree, but I just don't think either guy is talented enough to warrant being a 3 down back. When Spencer Ware was healthy for the couple games at the end of the year, Kareem was out of the picture, then we saw basically an even split with Williams. It was a small sample size, but he rotated them by series if I remember correctly. Then when Ware was not playing, we saw Damien Williams get the same number of carries, but no real increase like you would think as he was the only ball carrier besides Darryl Williams who still stole carries. He was very productive on a moderate number of touches. I just don't expect one guy to win the job and put up Kareem Lite numbers. I also factor in all the little shuffle passes and rushes that get stolen from Reid having a fun offense. I just worry there isn't a RB talent to warrant pulling away touches from those guys.
  10. Flgatorguy87

    Why is Carlos Hyde bouncing around so much?

    I think this is situation where both backs will be rotated and given the hot hand approach. I will take the cheaper of the 2 options since that is my opinion. I won't really on either as a weekly starter if I own them. I own Williams in dynasty and thought I had fallen into a 3 down back in a high powered offense. I bet they add another rookie and further muddy the waters.
  11. Flgatorguy87

    Odell Beckham Jr. traded to Cleveland

    I would also factor in that he is pissed off. I can promise you he feels slighted for being traded for draft picks and being cast off as a distraction. Give me a motivated 26 year old WR who has HOF talent paired with a young hungry accurate QB. I will be buying if I get the chance. In any league.
  12. Flgatorguy87

    Odell Beckham Jr. traded to Cleveland

    As a OBJ dynasty owner, I am pretty happy. It's a lot of targets to compete with, but this is almost ideal versus enduring another year of Eli and then hoping that they draft a decent QB to get him the ball. Baker had a year to get his feet wet, and now has some high end talent. Maybe trading for Baker is the dynasty answer.
  13. Flgatorguy87

    How Would You Resolve This Dispute?

    Single most important rule in FF. Nobody cares about your team OR your league.
  14. Flgatorguy87

    Chris hogan

    A step further for those offering to trade him. Who are you targeting that you expect to struggle due to difficult early scheduling?
  15. Flgatorguy87

    Who will be waiver wire gold this year?

    Patterson is intriguing but his usage will be like playing the Powerball