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  1. American Chewy

    SNF Discussion: Tampa Bay at Dallas

    Appears Evans is back in there
  2. American Chewy

    SNF Discussion: Tampa Bay at Dallas

    Evans hasn't been in the last few drives
  3. American Chewy


    I feel like this is Wentz last stand this weekend. I believe the whole line is back as well as all his pass catchers sans ertz. Playing a Browns team without Garrett who have been lit up by burrow twice. Weather should be normal. Zero excuses here. Get it done carson.
  4. American Chewy

    D'Andre Swift Updates

    I believe Allen Robinson got cleared for a Sunday after getting one in a Monday night game. So there's hope here esp since I don't believe he has any history of concussions.
  5. American Chewy

    D'Andre Swift Updates

    Ugh in a must win week for me I was really looking forward to this Panthers match up. He could have been THE RB1 this week.
  6. American Chewy

    WINDY Weekend - 11/15 ..

    Sticking with hooper. Short passing game should be OK. Baker targeted te's 6 times last wind game. Landry should be fine too. I am worried about Chark in gb though. Hopefully he sees intermediate passing game work.
  7. American Chewy

    Anybody Firing Up Old-Man Gore?

    55 yr old gore
  8. American Chewy

    Air Quality In SF

    Before I opened this I thought of poop in the streets.
  9. American Chewy

    Trubisky named the starter?

    ok i'll stand corrected. maybe it was the TE foles is known for throwing to? i thought i remember reading about this last yr cause some "experts" liked geoff swaim as a darkhorse Te.
  10. American Chewy

    Jalen Reagor out a few weeks (torn labrum)

    Would rather he take it slow coming back so as not to re injure
  11. American Chewy

    Trubisky named the starter?

    Trubisky is good news for Robinson/Miller. Foles would have worried me personally as I see him as more of a check down guy whereas trubisky will sling it more. With no Gabriel or te to worry about (sorry old man Graham) its a short passing tree beyond Cohen. Robinson led the league in targets inside the 10 last yr. Trubisky trusts him at the gl. When he's healthy Robinson has produced.
  12. American Chewy

    Gambling Thread

    34-22 posted record BILLS +6.5 STEELERS -1.5 RAMS PK (fav play)
  13. American Chewy

    Gambling Thread

    NFL gets pretty tough down the stretch. i should probably quit now while i'm still ahead. but then i wouldn't be a gambler.
  14. American Chewy

    Consistency/Predictability is gone from FFB

    qbs have some predictability in season. As do some RBs. But nearly all wrs, tes, and K's are a crapshoot. The draft overall is like picking names out of a hat. the key to winning is whoever got lucky and drafted 2 or 3 stud wr/rbs and then hits on a late QB. guessing the McCaffrey team is dominating most leagues. The Micheal Thomas team probably made your playoffs. Lamar Jackson team prob lead your league a lot this yr. Dalvin Cook teams should be doing well. I will say, this season at least re-inforced that you should never ever take a qb before the 10th round. Also don't waste a high pick on a TE. Just load up on WR's and RB's and pray you hit on 2 or 3 studs. Then take a couple qbs late and hope one hits. Then hope you stay healthy. Its 75% luck. But there is still some room for the grinder player to have success playing the waiver wire game. Probably won't win your league that way, but you will still hang around if your draft sucked.
  15. American Chewy

    Gambling Thread

    3-1 today lets keep it going PATRIOTS -3@-118 (5dimes)