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  1. American Chewy

    Kamara - "High Ankle Issue"

    not sure i would even want to start lat murray at the bears anyway
  2. the entire industry missed on henry last week. don't sweat it. be happy to have him and plug him in as long as he stays on the field.
  3. American Chewy

    Which site do you use for wagering?

    5dimes, heritage, betonline, and bovada. Several I've been with for over 10 years.
  4. American Chewy

    Steelers at Chargers: In-Game Discussion

    hunter henry looking good anyway. gonna need him ROS.
  5. American Chewy


    it continues to be a simple formula with diggs...if they are playing someone that they get an early lead on that can't score on them, diggs is likely to have a mediocre game. we need competitive games...next week at detroit should be competitive and thus start-worthy. the following week vs washington (thur game)...might be a benchable spot.
  6. American Chewy

    Panthers at Buccaneers (London) In-Game Discussion

    Samuels had a game.
  7. American Chewy

    Winston has proven to be a bust.

    still worth a start in fantasy in the right matchups. today was not a good matchup.
  8. American Chewy

    Demarcus Robinson ROS

    dropped him yesterday for L.Murray lottery ticket. agree with JAG analysis.
  9. American Chewy

    Will Dissly

    least henry is back for me going forward. i'm sure he stays healthy THIS time.
  10. American Chewy

    Gambling Thread

    2-1 Chiefs too many injuries on the lines. gonna have to downgrade them.
  11. American Chewy

    Gambling Thread

    15-8 posted NFL CHIEFS -4 VIKINGS -3 SAINTS +3 paid some extra juice on some of these
  12. American Chewy


    it once again holds...bench diggs when the vikings are expected to win easily.
  13. American Chewy

    Week 6 streaming DSTs

    echo packers for this week...also anyone picking up saints for next few weeks. definitely grab bills if anyone drops them. they are a longterm hold.
  14. American Chewy

    Kansas City Defense

    and then the offense decides to suck
  15. American Chewy

    Colts at Chiefs: In-Game Discussion

    watkins no doubt a decoy tonight