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  1. Pogs23

    QB for week 11

    A. Rodgers @ Colts or L. Jackson Vs Titans
  2. Pogs23

    Your first ever fantasy football pick

    Rudi Johnson... After like 4 years of awesome numbers I take him and I think he ran for like 500 yards.
  3. Pogs23

    2018 Fantasy Mock Draft

    1.11 M. Thomas
  4. Pogs23

    2018 Fantasy Mock Draft

    Looks like Kamara is the 4th pick... Elliot 1.05
  5. QB Rivers RB Bell RB Hunt WR Allen WR Cooks Flex Collins TE Walker K Lutz DEF Pitt
  6. Pogs23

    For those that drafted Zeke...

    10 team ppr from the 4th spot. 1. J. Jones 2. E. Elliott 3. D. Baldwin 4. D. Cook 5. M. Crabtree 6. J. Crowder Got McFadden to back up Zeke so not too worried about him missing some time.
  7. Pogs23


    Chris Liss might be the most annoying host I have ever heard. I don't think there is a player in the NFL who he doesn't think sucks or is just terrible. The guy with him seems to be afraid to disagree with him or have his own thoughts on players.
  8. Pogs23

    BIG Trade offer

    Wrong board... But what are you getting out of this deal? The receivers you give up are better than the ones you get. The RB you give up has more upside than the one you get but you I guess make out at TE.
  9. Crowder or Riddick If D. Jackson is out I think Crowder is the way to go.
  10. Blount @Dallas D. Lewis @ Dallas Rawls @ Cincy Boobie Dixon @ Ten R. Mathews @ NO Have AP and L. Miller on bye and need to start 2 of these guys. Standard with a 2 pt bonus @ 5 catches. I was thinking about starting both Patriot RBs and hoping for a TD from each. Any thoughts would be appreciated and will answer yours.
  11. Pogs23

    Trade for Greg Olsen: Deal or No deal...

    I actually think you are fine at TE... Sure Olsen would be an upgrade but not worth Miller imo.
  12. Pogs23

    Optimus Prime

    Never thought I would hear a more horrible nickname than Megatron but I guess I was wrong.
  13. Pogs23

    Hill gives browns props

    Thank you Hue!!!
  14. Pogs23

    Who wins this trade? Standard

    Side A gave and Side B gets... Side B wins because they get everyone!!
  15. Pogs23

    Don't Drink And Trade

    Lol parade...