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  1. Terpnut 5

    Keeper -Johnson or Brown

    Can keep Dionte Johnson at pick 67 or Antonio Brown at pick 139. Start 2 WR and flex it's half point PPR I pick 6th in 12 teamer Thx
  2. Terpnut 5

    RB2 and RB3

    I have Barkley and looking for two of these three Mixon Breida A. Jones Honestly leaning Breida and Jones but Mixon has decent match up. Geo annoying me though Thx
  3. Terpnut 5

    Who to drop

    So have a situation where we can't IR a player who isn't listed as out. I have Olsen at TE coming off IR. Below is my team: Start 1QB. 2RB, 2WR, 1 flex, 1 TE, K, D Luck Wentz Powell Barkely Mixon Breida Collins A. Jones D. Thomas Edelman Evans D. Baldwin R. Woods J. Cook Kittle and now Olsen. Question is who to drop? I don't really want to drop any TE because I could see Olsen playing one game then getting dinged up and need surgery. Of course he's just what CAR needs and could go off. I'm leaning towards dropping Cook or Powell. Possible Breida could be listed as Out this week but would need to happen by kickoff tomorrow night. Thoughts?
  4. Terpnut 5

    Brandin Cooks week 16

    I like Cooks this week. Reversion to the mean. Plus they're at home. On the road maybe different
  5. Terpnut 5

    WR or RB playoffs

    So semi's in money league. I've got the following QB - Cousins / A. Smith - probably going Cousins here RB - Bell, Gurley WR - Cooks, Crabtree TE - Henry DEF - JAC PK - Prater I need one for my flex spot: Perine, M. Jones, Mixon, Diggs Initially had Perine in but starting to reconsider. Not sure Mixon will play and has bad matchup. Kind of thinking about rolling Jones out against Chicago. Appreciate any insight. Standard scoring.
  6. Terpnut 5

    If Mixon is out is Bernard a good play?

    Gio or Perine - non PPR? Leaning GIO
  7. Ok so standard league we start 2 RB, 2WR and a flex. My roster is as follows Cousins/ Smith Bell, Gurley, McCaffrey, Mixon, Henry, Rawls, Conner Crabtree, Diggs, Fuller, Jones (DET) Henry, Kroft Prater JAC I've been offered Cooks for McCaffrey. Thoughts?
  8. Terpnut 5

    Quick trade advice - MaCaffrey for Cooks

    Yeah I pulled the trigger. Even more so after Mac's big game. He's only going to score so many TD's and olsen is coming back. I also think Cook will get some TD's and Brady was looking his way last game in the red zone. ultimately came down to depth at the WR position. Can't play 4 RB's and if one of my WR's had gone down I would have been in trouble. Not to mention Mac's on bye this week. guess we'll see. Probably doesn't have a huge effect either way. Thx for the input
  9. Terpnut 5

    Trade involving Evans

    .5 PPR I Give D. Martin & M. Bryant and get M.Evans and Rob Kelley My team Rivers, Luck Zeke, Mixon, Cohen, Henry, McFadden AJ. Green, K. Benjamin, S. Shepard Brate, Doyle Thanks for any insight
  10. Terpnut 5

    Trade involving Evans

    Thanks. We start 2 RB, 2 WR and flex. I usually run a WR at flex given it's PPR. I may try and get Buck Allen instead of Kelley. Agree he's just a throw in.
  11. Terpnut 5

    Reggie Wayne for Steven Jackson

    I'd that all day. big value increase for you
  12. Terpnut 5

    Would you trade Reggie Bush for Austin Collie?

    I agree, don't do that trade
  13. Terpnut 5

    Need to Drop someone but who?

  14. Terpnut 5

    big WR trade! will help in return.

    I'd hold on AJ. Guy is tough to trade and get equal value for. If you really want to trade try and get a little more
  15. Terpnut 5

    Holmes or Driver

    Holmes vs MIN Driver @ CLE Non ppr. I have R. Moss and S. Smith (NYG) going but with Marshall on bye I need to pick one of these cats. Will answer yours. Thanks
  16. Terpnut 5

    Anyone else high on McNabb this week?

    My only option also, which in reality makes in easier. I don't think he'll have a monster game but feel 250 and 2 can happen. Of note, he's always run well vs. the skins also so maybe some cheap points there. Always like primetime games.
  17. Terpnut 5

    Turner is retarded

    Not really sure what you're trying to say here but don't really care either. As far as money, I'm not one for listing accomplishments but I do pretty well when it comes to winning. Not that it really matters, it's fantasy football. Cheers
  18. Terpnut 5

    Turner is retarded

    How do guys like Turner have a job coaching in the NFL. Why would you take LT out, who's been running well, and have Sproles try to run it in in short yardage? I have no problem if he decides to throw in that spot but that was just plain bad coaching. I'm starting to think there's an issue with LT and idiot boy Norv. Who names their kid Norv anyway? At least LT looks good. Give him the damn ball, it ain't heavy and Sproles is nothing more than a return guy scat back.
  19. Terpnut 5

    Turner is retarded

    here are the top backs ranked by ADP with their current points ranking in (). This is a non ppr league. 1. AP (1) 2. MJD (2) 3. D Will (8) 4. Turner (9) 5. Forte (29) 6. Gore (24) 7. LT (60+) 8. Jackson (14) 9. Johnson (4) 10. Slaton (10) 11. Portis (18) 12. Westbrook (33) 13. Jacobs (30) 14. Grant (20) 15. Barber (26) Yeah, really. MJD, Slaton and CJ would be the exceptions but overall that's an underperforming group. In other words 4 out of 15 have met or exceeded ADP or about 25%.
  20. Terpnut 5

    Turner is retarded

    upside my friend, which may even still play out. Who else to take - Forte? Williams? Grant? Barber? Gore? There's no sure thing with RB's and I always take RB's in round one and it always works. I win rounds 4-8 and look to roll the dice early. Really outside of AP, most of the round one backs have had issues or have underperformed. If LT were to turn the corner I'm sitting pretty. I mean hell, he's still a starting back who gets most of the carries on a decent offensive team. Not to many of those guys around. If he continues to struggle, he's an RB3/flex player and a good one.
  21. Terpnut 5

    Ray Rice.........

  22. Terpnut 5

    Turner is retarded

    Fair point, it was in the heat of battle. I don't need the tard guard on my back. lol Freaking Turner - Cowherd is right, Norvis has beached this whale..........
  23. Terpnut 5

    Denver Defense

    I'm picking them up on their bye just to hold them for week 8. We get points for return yards as well. dudes threw up some serious numbers last night. wish I had picked them up sooner
  24. Terpnut 5

    Turner is retarded

    totally agree with that. as a skins fan we still haven't recovered from norv's tenure there. as for LT, I would agree he's not as dynamic as he was and yes we're all spoiled by what he used to do but he's still a pretty solid back. In his prime he would have scored on that one screen pass but he did have some very solid runs against a respectable defense and his line is far from what it used to be. He was also used in the passing game some. LT will be fine, not great but servicable especially when the match up is right. he'll never justify his ADP this season but he will be productive if Norv ever figures out this game called football.
  25. Terpnut 5

    Turner is retarded

    check my team in the sig, worked out pretty well for me actually considering he doesn't start. may have lost a step but he's a solid bye week filler. As far as sproles, yeah he's fun to watch on kick returns but is not a guy that's capable of more than 10 touches a game. just doesn't have the power to run between the tackles. something SD must do if they want to start winning football games. amazing that norvis hasn't figured out they need to run the ball. I don't care if they get 3 yards a pop, they need to run the ball. and where were the draws or middle screens with all the backer pressure denver was bringing? that was flat out bad coaching. one thing I will say about LT, dude can't block