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  1. flipya4real

    Jaws vs. The Usual Suspects

    Hmmmmm, which one should I vote for
  2. Yeah the GF just set it up on the DVR, not thrilled
  3. flipya4real

    That Favre guy is 40 years old....

    Prophetic words
  4. flipya4real

    Star Wars with the A-Team theme opening...

    I like the Magnum vs Star Wars comparison
  5. flipya4real

    I watch Jersey Shore

    That show makes me glad I am not an Italian-American
  6. flipya4real

    Denied men's room, man dumps outside

    If he had any pride he would come back every week for a year and drop an upper decker
  7. flipya4real

    LOST: Flight 815 crash in real time...

    I saw that earlier...way cool, and a great recap of sorts too!
  8. flipya4real

    Taste Buds

    Weirdest question I have seen in a long time
  9. flipya4real

    The National Anthem

    Was Rosanne busy
  10. flipya4real

    Anybody have any New Year's Resolutions?

    Post at least once every three months.
  11. flipya4real

    Holy Crap Gilbert!

    It could have been worse if he was Agent Double Zero.....then he would have been licensed to kill....as it stands now, the Wiz would be lucky to somehow use this to get out of the awful 116M deal they gave him while he was in the midst of a TWO YEAR INJURY
  12. flipya4real

    ***Posts of the decade thread***

    Jaxfan's BestBuy parking lot sex stories about his coworkers.
  13. flipya4real


  14. flipya4real

    I mean, if ya gotta die...

    I was trying to think of some sort of play on words like the rest of you Geeks...some sort of pun or Whatchamacallit but my mind is blank after reading of this tradgedy
  15. flipya4real

    GM leaves Chapter 11 in record time

    Chapter 11 will let them dump a significant portion of their pension/retirement obligations owed to former workers. This is how a lot of the airlines shaved expenses so they could be competitive again.