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    MLB 2018

  2. BuckeyeZ

    College football playoffs

    Oklahoma Alabama
  3. BuckeyeZ

    Happy New Year

    Same to you
  4. BuckeyeZ

    Atlanta at Tampa Bay: In-Game Discussion

    I do not watch many Atl games. Who is the dummy Ryan is yelling/ pissed at on the offense. Acts like he is a bit frustrated like dealing with kids.
  5. BuckeyeZ

    NFL vs NCAA

    I may be getting there too. Stopped following the NBA a while back. NFL may follow suit.
  6. BuckeyeZ

    NFL vs NCAA

    I know many do not agree with the kneeling issue. That is fine. Some agree. That is fine. How relevant would the NFL be right now if it were not for fantasy football? Would most serious NFL viewers have left this year? Where would the NFL rank in popularity of major sports? Most of the people I know that do not play fantasy football either do not like the NFL or think college is much better. Perhaps the only reason many of us like the NFL is only because of fantasy football. Opinions?
  7. BuckeyeZ

    Best 80's movie songs

    In Your Eyes Say Anything
  8. BuckeyeZ

    Live PD

    Good show. They usually play it again right after. I usually start watching late. So, keep watching at 12:00. It's hard to turn off.
  9. BuckeyeZ

    Mt Rushmore of Ladies

    Forgot about Kate Beckinsale Kate Beckinsale Jessica Alba Anna Kournikova Jennifer Aniston
  10. BuckeyeZ

    Mt Rushmore of Ladies

    Can be from 40 years ago or four years. Whenever you think is their best. Pamela Anderson Jessica Alba Anna Kournikova Jennifer Aniston
  11. BuckeyeZ

    Anyone Been to Italy? Need Some Info

    I have only been to Florence. Five days. Four would have been okay. Incredible. Food is great. I would love the chance to see the rest of Italy. Not a comparison of cities, but go to Florence.
  12. BuckeyeZ

    Best Concert You've Been To

    U2 Joshua Tree 1987
  13. BuckeyeZ

    Houston at New England: In-Game Discussion

    Maybe Peyton can invite Osweiler over for nachos.
  14. BuckeyeZ

    Angelina Jolie.....Back on the market!

    Jennifer Anniston