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  1. kutulu

    The DNDL wants YOU....

    You'll always be fockface to me.
  2. kutulu

    The DNDL wants YOU....

    You are the Pete Rose of the DNDL, banned for life. Unless no one else is interested in which case we'll welcome you back with open anuses
  3. kutulu

    The DNDL wants YOU....

    To take over whitewonder's dynasty team. Small stakes, long running geek dynasty league has an opening. Link to team and league website below: https://www51.myfantasyleague.com/2021/home/32324 https://www51.myfantasyleague.com/2021/options?L=32324&F=0011&O=07 FFT league board: https://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/forum/29-die-nasty-dynasty-league/ Hopefully one of you slackjaws are interested. Team above will need to be whittled down to 25 players prior to the rookie/FA draft coming up later this summer.
  4. kutulu

    New Commish *UPDATED*

    I'll post on the geek board and see if anyone wants to take over your team.
  5. kutulu

    Pyro may not have to work July 4th

    I know where to get a few dozen pipe bombs if yer interested. j/k big brother
  6. kutulu

    14 days to flatten the curve.

    I thought this was another of your diet threads, lardass
  7. kutulu

    Mrs. Siobhan MedStudent aka Dakota Skye

    He always shows up for the DNDL rookie draft which is coming up
  8. kutulu

    New Commish *UPDATED*

    I say that about everyone that ~sticks the league
  9. kutulu

    New Commish *UPDATED*

    May be tough to find someone to take over that trainwreck.