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  1. davebg

    Don't shop with ToysRUs.com

    Apparently, being spam king of the toy world is a long-standing business practice for Toys R Us.
  2. Let me share my craptastic shopping experience with you. On Wednesday evening I placed an order for some holiday gifts at ToysRUs.com. Normally, I am very good about making sure to uncheck the "send me spam" box when ordering online. I guess in my eager anticipation of a Thanksgiving Day of food & family, I missed it. Shortly after placing my order I started getting emails from TRU. In the less than a week since, I have received TWENTY-SIX emails from TRU. Four of them actually pertain to my order. The rest is pure spam. Once I realized what was going on, I logged on to their site and changed my email preferences. The site said it could take up to ten days to process my removal from their spam list. I followed up with calls to customer service and was told the exact same thing. Of course, this isn't due to some technical limitation, as TRU customer service would have you believe. Their spambot started sending me junk within hours of placing my order. It is entirely an automated process. The reason that it takes up to ten days is because TRU made a conscious marketing decision to continue harassing their customers via email...the express wishes of their customers be damned. I thought that TRU was a reputable company to do business with. Apparently, I was wrong. Normally, I find it's best to attribute things to incompetence rather than malice and this is no exception. I don't believe that TRU is doing this to be mean to their customers. I just think they have no damn clue about the internet. Either that or they just don't give a rat's @$$ about their customers. Either way, I'm doing the rest of my holiday shopping at Target.
  3. As long as you're switching carriers. Linky
  4. davebg

    Just ordered my Droid

    Seen it. The Super AMOLED screen is REAL nice (I might have waited for the Galaxy S on Verizon if it came with more than 2GB internal memory), but it's not HD like the Retina Display on the iPhone4.
  5. davebg

    Just ordered my Droid

    Last I checked/synced (before the weekend) I had 150 dropped calls in 111 days.
  6. davebg

    Just ordered my Droid

    The retina display screen is the best thing out there, but as long as it's on AT&T I just can't.
  7. davebg

    Just ordered my Droid

    Strongly considered the X, but it's too big to be comfortable in my pocket. Plus, I'd have to root it immediately b/c the Moto skin is teh suck.
  8. davebg

    Just ordered my Droid

    I've been a huge fan of my iPhone. It has been the single greatest device that I have EVAH owned. Unfortunately, because it's tied to AT&T, it has also been the worst cell phone that I've ever owned. So, today I made the switch and ordered the HTC Incredible from Verizon. I will miss the effortless syncing of my iPhone and the games (games on Droid aren't quite where they are on the iPhone.) I also will miss the Retina display on the iPhone4 (the HD screen is the best I've seen in a mobile phone.) However, with the Droid I get to fully customize my phone and because it's on Verizon, I will actually be able to use it as a phone (and finally ditch my land line.) I decided to pay the extra $70 up front for a 1 yr contract instead of 2. So, ten months from now when the iPhone5 is announced I will be getting close to my upgrade date and will have that option open to me. In the meantime, Google gets a year to impress me. The craziest thing about all of these phones is that you literally can't just walk into a store and buy one. They can't get enough screens to make the phones. This weekend, in the NYC area you literally couldn't find an iPhone4, HTC Evo (didn't look that hard b/c I'm not a fan of Sprint), HTC Incredible or Droid X. The Apple store had folks who had a reservation for a phone standing in line. Verizon is promising that the Incredible and the X will ship no later than 8/3. You know, for a country that's in a recession, it's kind of crazy that you can't get your hand on a gadget that costs $200 or more and requires you to commit to thousands of dollars in fees via a 1 or 2 yr contract.
  9. davebg

    Imagine...being whisked away to... Delaware!

    This reminds me of my first business trip. I was working at my second post-college job and I had the opportunity to go on the road to assist with some training we were giving to a client. The destination? Lovely Newark, DE. Where did I go to college? Lovely Newark, DE.
  10. BUMP for some Monday morning outrage.
  11. Try looking at a map. The SK capital is extremely close to the DMZ. NK has hundreds of guns/cannons/etc that could decimate the city upon any attack/provocation.
  12. That's exactly what Gov Christie did. He cut millions from all corners of the budget, including education. It wasn't pretty or extremely popular, but it had to be done. I admit, I did not vote for Christie. I did not like him during the campaign and, frankly, when he talked of making these huge cuts, I thought he was full of sh|t like any other politician. However, he's proven me wrong. I may not agree with all of his decisions, but I give him major credit for doing his job and trying to fix the mess of a budget that he inherited, as opposed to being a typical politician who's only looking out for his next re-election.
  13. Well, it's not quite so kosher in many other states. The OP showed how the governor in IL is cutting $1.4 billion (which means cuts to various areas that the state pays for) while giving phat raises to his staff. We saw the Governor in NY try the same thing. One minute he's pushing furloughs on state workers and the next he's handing out major raises to his staff and cronies.
  14. davebg

    Problems with my laminate flooring

    They chose the inspector to send out. His report makes absolutely no allegations of abnormal use, other than not having felt protectors on the nubs of the couch legs. Bought all the flooring at Home Depot. There was no packing slip of any kind. I'd be surprised if the warranty information was not on/in the packaging, but we'll see if the "felt tip" care instructions are there as well.