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  1. When I went to bed, the Bills D/ST had 8 points in my league to include 3 Fumble Recoveries. Now today, it's 7 points with only 2 Fumble Recoveries. Can one (or more) of you geniuses explain this ? I'll log off and await your kind reply. Danke.
  2. If I told you, you wouldn't believe me. It involves seeing a bell boy at a Key West Hotel 4 months after he died falling into a vacant elevator shaft. Yes, it was him and yes it it is true.
  3. kozmiq

    Say something nice about the poster above you.

    Must have fat fingers.
  4. and lose em all OR go to just one and win it.
  5. kozmiq

    What would you do ?

    Maybe some of you shouldn't be replying to something that you are baffled by.
  6. kozmiq

    What would you do ?

    Not confused.
  7. kozmiq

    What would you do ?

    We didn't know they were brother and sister at that call. That was to set up the viewing.
  8. kozmiq

    What would you do ?

    They told my wife on the phone that they were married and had 2 children that lived in another state.
  9. kozmiq

    What would you do ?

    Let's say you have a piece of property (a SFD) that you rent out and it has become vacant. It sits adjacent to your property. You advertise it for rent and several parties have inquired about it. You show it to a few people and gage their situation. All are about equal and all have the necessary funds and employment resources. When one couple meets with you, you are taken back by how similar they look to each other. You mention that you've heard when people are married for some time, they begin to look and dress similarly. They immediately tell you that they look alike because they are brother and sister ! Now, do you address the situation - do you ask further questions about the oddity of it or do you move on with the process. And lastly, do you let that cloud your view of them in a negative way in the rental choice of who will live next to you. Keep in mind, all 3 parties seem equal in the ability to pay the rent in a timely manner. What would you do ?
  10. kozmiq

    Does Anybody Not Like Stevie Nicks ?

    I don't care for her much. I have my reasons.
  11. So why is everybody saying things like 'grab dinner'. I started hearing it from people that I thought was uneducated. People who used words incorrectly. Then more and more people were saying it in that way. Now, I'm hearing it used that way in commercials on the radio and TV. Do you say it that way ? I don't.
  12. Does anybody know the percentage of Players who reach Base on a Walk that scores ? Maybe this year or over a period of time. And secondly, the percentage Pitches on a 2 and 2 count that is Ball 3 ? Jw cause it seems like Nationals' Pitchers always throw Ball 3 on a 2 and 2 count. Also, damn near every Walk by Nats Pitchers end up scoring. Thanks for your attention and I'll hang up and await your clever responses.
  13. kozmiq

    I'm sure no one here cares but ...

    He was sharing his house with a young married couple. They're the ones who told me. What really broke my heart (and made me cry) was they told me his dog sits staring at the door and has been sleeping there. Obviously waiting for his owner to come home.
  14. kozmiq

    I'm sure no one here cares but ...

    I apologize for saying that nobody here would care. Obviously, some do. Thanks.
  15. kozmiq

    I'm sure no one here cares but ...

    Now one else was involved. He went off the road and hit a light pole. The dog was a rescue mutt.