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  1. Pearmiser

    Raiders at 49ers: In-Game Discussion

    Raiders look pathetic. Are these professional NFL players? Even a 1-6 team is making them look bad. So happy I started Carr. LOL. Need some garbage time.
  2. I'm desperate at QB. Luck on a bye, Fitz snagged off WW ahead of me. Usual bottom feeders on WW; Flacco, Smith, Mayfield, Carr. I grabbed Carr, but then got to thinking: if KC is up 50-0 in the first quarter, wouldnt Mayfield pump stats with garbage time? I'm down to Mayfield vs. Carr.
  3. Pearmiser

    Big Ben ROW. Tough schedule...

    I'm debating to keep Ben and Luck mix. But looking at PIT schedule, its pretty tough ROW. Anybody planning to keep Ben as your QB1 or go in a different direction?
  4. Pearmiser

    Fournette value?

    I would take it. who know even if he even comes back. i have him on 2 leagues what a waste of a first round pick
  5. Pearmiser

    Conner Trade Value?

    Cooner for Tate. If that is market value then Edelmen might be a good trade.
  6. Pearmiser

    Conner Trade Value?

    Would love to keep rolling w Conner but seems like those days are coming to an end. Does he have any trade value? Would be great to get a Mixon or low RB1 or low WR1. If not, how about J Edelman? What you all doin?
  7. Pearmiser

    Jags Defense, anyone staying away?

    Watching as well. Looking to pick up the chargers for next week. Are the Jag's startable at this point? -1 point last week almost cost me a win.
  8. Pearmiser

    Ravens rbs, Collins or Buck Allen the guy to have?

    I'm in a .5 PPR. Drafted Collins, but starting to think Allan is the guy to own. Collins has lower floor but very low ceiling. Allan a bit more risky, but much higher ceiling.
  9. When I started him, he left the game early. Resulted in a handful of points. Gets hurt pick up Yeldon. Yeldon has a weak game and I lose by 2 points. Fornette starting again, leaves game early so minimal points. I had to drop Yeldon that week to make room for other players. Guy I'm playing this week gets Yeldon off waivers. Result is this guy is going to beat me by a couple points. Not only was he a wasted first round pick. But then screws me when he starts. Then screws me when he doesnt start to get beat by his backup. I'm trying to trade Fournette in both my leagues. I dont want to have anything to do with this guy.
  10. Pearmiser

    Gronk - What you doing this week with him?

    I have him, but losing trust in him. I would trade him if I could. He looks like he's in slow motion out there. And stitched together. He looks painful.
  11. Pearmiser

    I want to start Chris Carson. I do

    Glad I left him in my lineup. Last I saw he was starting. Come home to find a big fat 0.
  12. Pearmiser

    Fitzmagic past week 4?

    I dropped Fitz right before the game started. Picked up Luck off waivers. OMG what a good move :)
  13. Pearmiser

    Fournette: is he ever healthy?

    Picked him late first round in 2 of my 3 leagues. What a waste, he's killing me. Not only week 1 and 4 where he gets 4 points then sits out the rest of the game but week 2/3 where he is on the bench. Then Yeldon gets the TD. Should have just started Yeldon lol.
  14. Pearmiser

    Baker Mayfield

    I stashed him on my bench. Let's see what happens in the next game or 2. If he's promising I'll start him. If not I'll drop him.
  15. Pearmiser

    Fitzmagic past week 4?

    Exactly my concern. Will he be the starter in week 5. I've heard they will move back to Jamison