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  1. sabreboy77

    Pick 3 WR's

    Goodwin, Aiyuk and JuJu. Waddle has been playing hurt and Tua has not been that great last couple games. Gonna be Cold, Snow and windy Sat night in Buffalo. I am not starting starting Waddle in my league.
  2. sabreboy77

    QB: NYJ White over MIA Tua and DET Goff??

    I like White with the matchup.
  3. sabreboy77

    Lineup help RBs and WR

    Hi guys, Please let me know who you think I should start. 12 team PPR Start 2 RB an 4 WR RB (choose 2) Akers Murray Robinson Jr Mckinnon WR (Choose 4) J Waddle or D Hopkins? I am leaning Hopkins as Waddle has been playing hurt and it will be cold and snowy for the game Sat night in Buffalo.. D. Smith J Chase A St. Brown
  4. sabreboy77

    Lineup Suggestions

    Hello, Here is my roster please let me know who you think I should start PPR 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR 1 Flex, TE and 1 D QB J Winston C Wentz RB M Gordon C McCaffrey D Cook T Reddick WR D Baldwin D Parker A Thielen J Kearse TE C Fleener K D Bailey D/ST Texans Panthers
  5. sabreboy77

    AJ for Jamaal Trade?

    Yes http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=439493
  6. Trade proposed to me is Bryce Brown for Odel Beckham Jr Second Possibility is he is looking for Eli Manning who would you target? My Roster His Roster QB Foles and E. Manning QB R. Tannehill RB L. Bell, L McCoy, J.Bell and B.Brown RB C. Ivory, Tre Mason, R. Jennings and M. Asiata WR T.Y Hilton, A. Jeffrey, M. Sanu, K. Wright WR R. Cobb, E. Sanders, G. Tate, AJ Green, O. Beckham Jr. TE C. Clay and L.Donnell TE J. Graham and J. Cook D Broncos D Eagles K D. Bailey K J. Tucker PPR 1 QB 2RB 2WR 1 Flex
  7. Who would you star out of these 3 in a PPR league.=? Current Starting lineup QB Foles RB McCoy RB L. BEll WR Hilton WR Jeffrey Flex? D TENN K Bailey
  8. Scoring PPR Start 1 QB 2 RB 2WR 1 Flex 1D QB Foles Cousins RB McCoy L Bell J Bell WR Jeffery Wright Hilton Cruz Sanu D Broncos Titans
  9. sabreboy77

    Monday night needs

    I need 19 points out of RODGERS. I too went against DeAngelo. 1 pt 25 yds passing 6 pts a TD 200 passing and 2 TDS with no pics would be very nice.
  10. sabreboy77

    QB and WR question

    Bump Anybody else?
  11. sabreboy77

    QB and WR question

    I have A Rodgers and M Cassel. Which would you start with the predicted weather? Scoring is 1 pt 10 yds pass 300 yds passing is a 10pt bonus 6pt a TD. My WR question is who would you start? B Marshall or L Fitz? Scoring 1 pt 10yds rec 10 pt bonus 100yds rec td is 6pts. Thanks for any input.
  12. sabreboy77

    Which RB

    I have Peterson MIN Lynch BUFF C Johnson TENN Need to start 2. I am leaning to Peterson and Johnson but wanted to ask if I should play Lynch instead. Johnson had a big week last week but the last 2 were so so. Lynch has been good the last few weeks. Thanks for any advice.
  13. sabreboy77

    QB RB lineup help

    Hi I start 1 QB and 2 RB who would you start? Delhomme or Rodgers Lynch Peterson C Johnson Scoring is 1 pt 10yds passing 10pt bonus 300 yds 6 pts a TD 5 yards rushing is 1 pt 10 pt bonus 100yds rush or rec Thanks
  14. sabreboy77

    I just traded LT!

    Since you picked up Buck I like the trade even more. If Westbrook stays healthy the reward could be huge. Please see mine http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.p...howtopic=329847
  15. sabreboy77

    One Spot Left - Avery Or Benson

    It seems like a toss up between the 2 but I like Avery. Cincy can't stay with the run as they fall behind early and often. With Avery He is the second option as the opponents D likes to contain Torry Holt. I like Avery to be more productive out of the 2. Please see mine http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.p...howtopic=329847