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    PA Is Back On The Table For Trump

    Definitely a good trade off for the Repubs, no doubt about that.
  2. usurpers26

    PA Is Back On The Table For Trump

    or a second term...
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    *Official 2020 Election Thread*

    https://elections.wi.gov/node/7220 Are you sure?
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    *Official 2020 Election Thread*

  5. usurpers26

    Sirius XM Users....

    Jam On / XMU / The Joint - although i have been listening to more "radio" stations via Apple Music the past few months.
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    Any Pool Owners?

    This guy gets it. Do NOT go to a pool store, you will leave with shite you don't need. Bleach, Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Bicarbonate and a good test kit (Trouble Free Pool has a fantastic kit). You may need acid if pH gets too high. Spring for a sand filter, you will thank me later. Once you get into a rhythm you will probably test the pool once a week. Once your water chem is solid, you "usually" just maintain your chlorine ppms (adding bleach). It's really actually quite simple and not overly expensive at all. A pool heater will of course increase your costs...
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    PPP Loan

    Just curious if any other small business owners took advantage of the PPP? If so, what's your status? We are getting our funds wired tomorrow....the process was actually painless. We did use the same lender we have an existing loan with. Now let's see if it gets forgiven (80% of the funds will be for payroll, 9 employees).
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    Anybody had LASIK?

    Yup, it won't beat physiology I might get it done again if/when it makes sense. My eye doc said give it at least another 3-4 years.
  9. usurpers26

    Anybody had LASIK?

    Had it done about 15 years ago now, best decision ever (was 20/15 after). The only restrictions were no driving until cleared by doc (next day for me). Wear the shields while sleeping for 2-3 days and all the damn eye drops. Was never told not to look at a screen nor did I ever have halos. I had halos before i got it done ...when the doc cleared me to drive the next day and I got on the highway I almost threw up. The new found depth perception was almost too much. Just had my eyes checked a couple months ago and it is just starting to fade, 20 in one eye, other is between 20-25.
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    Software development is RACIST

    I still have my "Get a Grep" bumper sticker somewhere...
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    Any Landlords here?

    Like others have already said, it boils down to "time is money". We have used a prop mgmt company for ~5 years now on our second home, worth every penny to me. They are authorized to spend up to $500 on any repair without even bothering me. I login to their portal at the end of the year and snag any invoices and pertinent tax info and forward to my accountant, easy peasy. Luckily we have great tenants...they just signed another 2 year lease. Unfortunately last week I found out the well line is leaking and needs to be replaced (although they are handling it soup to nuts and just sent me the 3 quotes the other day for approval).
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    The crazy dog lady in Central Park

    He is insufferably ignorant and/or a relentless troll, I have perused these boreds for a long time now and that's the first person I have ever felt the desire to ignore.
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    Reb Lobster Mothers Day Brawl

    The police spoke with her "AT A SECOND" location...
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    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    That is Rickles level wit right there!
  16. usurpers26

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    Then what would I do when I am on the shitter??
  17. usurpers26

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    Welcome to the echo chamber...you either assimilate or get beaten over the head with the semantics hammer. Having said that, more times than not this place can be rather entertaining...it's my go to reading while on the shitter or eating lunch.
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    Expired SPAM

    Psssht, it has just attained charcuterie status...
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    favorite reggae bands

    True Democracy is a superb album... I would also add: Big Youth Buju Banton Dennis Brown Freddie McGregor Yabby You
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    PPP Loan

    Yeah. I know they made a big to-do on how there was no "cost" to the borrower (of course we all pay for it in the long run). Who knows what the feds and lenders have worked out on the back end.
  21. usurpers26

    PPP Loan

    No money came off our loan, we got wired the exact amount we were approved for.
  22. usurpers26

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    user name checks out
  23. usurpers26

    PPP Loan

    Of course not.
  24. usurpers26

    PPP Loan

    I suppose its the inference that everyone who isn't in dire need right this second is "lining their pockets" and taking "100k bonuses" is what gets me. Things can change very quickly and I would think any business owner would rather be safe than sorry. The requirements surely should have and could have been better defined.
  25. usurpers26

    PPP Loan

    Are you a business owner? If so, you can run it how you see fit. If not, it's easy to throw stones at other people's decisions.