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  1. What do y'all think for my third RB? Stevenson has been a little cold lately, and coming off the injury of course. Has me leaning White. Thanks!
  2. I had a generous helping of luck/matchups to get me to the finals. Finished 7th in points, landed the 2nd seed with a first-round bye, and won my semi-final game last week by a half dozen points or so. QB - R. Wilson (D. Watson had a couple contributions along the way) RB - K. Hunt, and then a revolving door... Mike Davis, Theo Riddick, S. Perine, O. Darkwa, D. Booker (had MANY others in the lineup throughout the year) WR - M. Thomas, R. Anderson, D. Westbrook, D. Adams, J. Doctson, C. Coleman TE - G. Olsen (C. Clay and one or two others for most of the season) K - W. Lutz DEF - KC, PITT
  3. AoO

    Matt Ryan or Mariotta?

    Full disclosure: Duck fan, UO alumn, live in Eugene. Mariota!
  4. I'd say West for some safe points, Ginn for a boom/bust play.
  5. AoO

    Flex Help (for OBJ)

    I have a 23 point lead heading into the weekend (RB and DEF played for me, WR and DEF played for my opponent), and have to make a decision on OBJ. I can flex him out for: J. Stew Frank Gore Kevin White Thinking White has the highest ceiling, but possibly also the lowest floor. Leaning toward Stewart with my lead, but what do you all think? I could also leave in OBJ, but, again, with my lead it seems the wrong move. Thanks!
  6. Hey guys, Can't make up my mind for my flex spot. Options are: J. Landry, WR vs. ARI T. Coleman, RB @ LAR Kenneth Dixon, RB @ NE I'm leaning Landry, though, I really don't like the matchup. Prefer Coleman's upside, I think, but the floor is low. Dixon's probably #3 in my mind at the moment. What do you think? Thanks!!
  7. AoO

    Jamaal Charles

    Right now I've got him in over SJax, Dwyer and Spiller. Rashad Jennings was my other starter this week. Yyyeaaahhhh....
  8. AoO

    Chip Kelly to the NFL?

    Duck alumn, fan and homer here. I don't see Chip's offense translating to the NFL. Also, don't want him to leave Eugene.
  9. AoO

    Chris Johnson

    I bailed on him after week 1. Traded him and A.J. Green for Jamaal Charles and Titus Young. So far... not looking so great for me. Oops. His floor frightens me, though. Heard a good stat: Chris Johnson has 21 total rushing yards for the year, and 23 yards after contact. Implies his O-line isn't doing a great job of preventing defensive penetration, eh?
  10. AoO

    Greatest Trade Ever?

    Team A Gives: Ed Dickson, Laurent Robinson, 13th Round Pick Team B Gives: Terrell Owens (yes, that Terrell Owens), Sebastian Janikowski, 10th Round Pick It's got everything. Draft picks, a kicker and an old, broke, unemployed WR! Mind boggling.
  11. AoO

    Stephen Davis arrested!

    Holy S... Too funny.
  12. AoO


    I cut my losses because I literally have zero faith in his ability to produce consistently. I gave up CJ and AJ Green for Jamaal Charles and Titus Young. I sold low, for sure, but I am happy with my other WRs and will feel much better with JC in my lineup on a weekly basis.
  13. AoO


    I would definitely trade him straight up for Roddy White. I bailed on him after week one.
  14. I am strongly considering benching Rice for Blount next week (hopefully the next two weeks).