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  1. moball

    WR help please

    Sorry .5 ppr
  2. moball

    Mixed reviews?

    Absolutely not.
  3. moball

    WR help, Pascal, Ridley, or Parker

    Pascal. Dolphins are horrible.
  4. moball

    Which one

    I'm playing Carson (don't have a choice) but I like the Cincy matchup for Ingram. Probably have to lean towards Ingram.
  5. moball

    WSIS - Brees or Mahomes?

    Brees. Atlanta can't stop anyone plus one wrong step from Mahomes and coaching staff sits him for the rest of the day.
  6. moball

    WR help please

    Gallup vs Minny or Crowder vs NYG? Thanks.
  7. moball

    1/2 Point PPR WR Help

    Need to pick 2. Thanks in advance. Sammy Watkins, Phillip Dorsett, MVS, Mike Wms, Michael Gallup. Curerntly leaning towards Sammy and Dorsett. I know MVS will get more looks with Adams out but will also be the #1 cover for a tough Dallas D and the 2 Mikes are dinged up.
  8. moball

    Rank these waiver wire options, please.

    Olsen is a set it and forget it guy when healty.
  9. moball

    PPR trade assistance

    Winner gets Mixon/Golladay.
  10. moball

    Lineup Help Week 4

    I agree with AxeElf.
  11. Questions on 2 Packers going tonight. Thanks in advance for any opinions. (I can't believe I have to ask the first one) 1. Rodgers tonight vs. Philly or the newly acquired Daniel Jones against the lowly Skins? 2. MVS, Sammy Watkins, Mike Williams or Philip Dorsett (pick 2)? If MVS doesn't make the top 2 do you flex him over Chris Carson? Lineup right now I'm playing Jones, Watkins, Williams and flexing Carson. Thanks!
  12. Then keep Shady. Defenses are going to be keying on Ellington at least for a couple weeks while Stanton gets his legs under him.
  13. Not sure I would do this as all you are doing is changing it to which good WR to start. I like what you have.
  14. moball

    WR/Flex help PPR

    Must win weekend and need some help filling last WR spot (starting K Benjamin as WR1) and Flex so pick 2 from the following. 1PT PPR. Brandin Cooks vs. Cincy Doug Baldwin @ KC Reggie Wayne vs NE Darren Sproles @ GB (do not get return yardage or points) Pierre Thomas - out but on the roster if he returns Thinking Cooks and Sproles. Will help in return. Thanks.
  15. moball

    Need to drop one

    I might say drop Green. Do you really need the #2 TE on his own team as your #2 TE?