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  1. .5 PPR Jamaal Williams @ Carolina Javonte Williams vs Washington Rachaad White vs Bears Tyler Allgeier vs Packers Need 3 unless you think that Jeudy (vs Wash) or Odell (@ Cincy) should be flexed in over one of them. Thanks and will look at yours in return.
  2. moball

    PPR Newbie...Help with draft strategy

    I also had problems going from traditional to PPR about 10 years ago. I have always been a RB value guy and with PPR and the game today this has to switch to WR value. Also I have found that my season went much better when I got either a top tier QB or TE because it eliminated question marks from week to week in one spot and allowed me to focus on the others. Good luck.
  3. I am going to be drafting from the 2 spot and have run a number of mock drafts with the following 2 stacks showing as potentially being available. Both involve reaching for a player and I am curious whether you guys think the reach is worth the extra value. The league is a 12 team, .5 PPR, one regular Flex spot with a very short bench of 4. Passing TDs are 6 pts. Previous drafts have been very chalky. First scenario - Taking Kelce with the #2 pick in hopes of Mahomes being available with the #23. My first impression was that it would be rare for Mahomes to be there at #23 but it happened on 2 ESPN mock trials. WR in this scenario ended up as Tee Higgins and DeAndre Hopkins as WR 1 and 2. Second scenario - Taking Chase with the #2 and then reaching for Burrow at the 3rd round pick #26. I have tried getting him in the 4th but he only lasted that long once in the many times i have run this scheme. Round 2 pick would be Olave, Metcalf, DeVonta, Ridley and then would scratch and claw for RBs in rounds 4 - 6. My question is are the reaches involved with each (Kelce in scenario 1 and Burrow in 2) worth the added value of the stack? The KC stack would be worth 72 "extra" points for the season with current projections and the Cincy worth 56. Or do you guys think that stacks don't carry extra value? Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
  4. moball

    Flex help please. Pick 1

    Singletary vs NE McKinnon at Seattle Beasley vs NE Mike Williams @ DEN .5 PPR Thanks and will answer yours.
  5. moball

    WR help please

    Sorry .5 ppr
  6. moball

    Mixed reviews?

    Absolutely not.
  7. moball

    WR help, Pascal, Ridley, or Parker

    Pascal. Dolphins are horrible.
  8. moball

    Which one

    I'm playing Carson (don't have a choice) but I like the Cincy matchup for Ingram. Probably have to lean towards Ingram.
  9. moball

    WSIS - Brees or Mahomes?

    Brees. Atlanta can't stop anyone plus one wrong step from Mahomes and coaching staff sits him for the rest of the day.
  10. moball

    WR help please

    Gallup vs Minny or Crowder vs NYG? Thanks.
  11. moball

    1/2 Point PPR WR Help

    Need to pick 2. Thanks in advance. Sammy Watkins, Phillip Dorsett, MVS, Mike Wms, Michael Gallup. Curerntly leaning towards Sammy and Dorsett. I know MVS will get more looks with Adams out but will also be the #1 cover for a tough Dallas D and the 2 Mikes are dinged up.
  12. moball

    Rank these waiver wire options, please.

    Olsen is a set it and forget it guy when healty.
  13. moball

    PPR trade assistance

    Winner gets Mixon/Golladay.
  14. moball

    Lineup Help Week 4

    I agree with AxeElf.
  15. Questions on 2 Packers going tonight. Thanks in advance for any opinions. (I can't believe I have to ask the first one) 1. Rodgers tonight vs. Philly or the newly acquired Daniel Jones against the lowly Skins? 2. MVS, Sammy Watkins, Mike Williams or Philip Dorsett (pick 2)? If MVS doesn't make the top 2 do you flex him over Chris Carson? Lineup right now I'm playing Jones, Watkins, Williams and flexing Carson. Thanks!