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  1. IAMWood

    Edjr, I need your expertise

    Ed only rates buttplugs by taste so if that's your criteria, he's the man.
  2. C'mon guys. You chose ed being commish over me staying on, enough with the league emails. Very stalkerish and sad. Take me off the league email list, I really don't want anything to do with an ed hubbard commish league. It's getting pathetic guys, man up. I don't need emails from the league website anymore. I mean, when I say I'll quit, I'll actually do it, not just say it all the time and name my team that. Funny how you hide behind the computer and talk big mobb,but when there's a chance of going toe to toe, you back down like the little b!tch you are.
  3. IAMWood

    Who is the commish?

    I'm in Cali a lot. If you want to go toe to toe. Let me know where you are at...
  4. It came to this because you suck and wouldn't step down.
  5. About time. Too bad it came to this. Life long member. Hopefully, ed will be better commish for you guys because of this. I would have been a great commish if given the chance, communicative, and ahead of the game because I cared as a life long member. was hoping this would be my dynasty league for life, ed focked all that up, definitely won't miss that douche. Kuntulu, enjoyed being in your division and your wit. Katfocker, you seem alright, keep it real Mobb, never understood your issue with me, whatevs Gary, thanks for letting me mess with you, I appreciate your attitude MMMMMM....beer..., good guy, thanks for all you do in the real world Chris, will miss your funny posts and competing with a good ff player Med, thanks for being solid gamer whitewonder, never saw your perspective that's all
  6. IAMWood

    Who is the commish?

    Seriously Mobb, by if I was commish, draft date would be set by May. Get ed to send me my money, find a replacement to buy my team.
  7. IAMWood

    Ed goes as commish or I go.

    I have never ignored anyone, now who is the stalker? Oh wait, you are scared of my words. Now our esteemed commish is ignoring me. Really???? What a great guy.
  8. IAMWood

    Who is the commish?

    All someone had to do was shoot me a PM. Everyone has a lot going on in life. In May, I don't worry about fantasy football. I didn't check in. Again, sorry I missed it.
  9. IAMWood

    Who is the commish?

    Tell ed to send me my $$$, then vaya con dios.
  10. IAMWood

    Ed goes as commish or I go.

    Look B!tch, the only problem I have had with you being a treasurer is you going MIA and not sending it right. I will only request money from you on this website with my email address if you can't figure it out being requested through pay pal.
  11. IAMWood

    Ed goes as commish or I go.

    Fine, I am sorry ed ignored my pleas to get paid on this website, I never requested money on paypal before, every time I have paid someone or have gotten paid by someone, you have two choices, pay for goods and services or send money to friend or family. If me requesting it through pay pal didn't give him a choice, lesson learned.
  12. IAMWood

    Who is the commish?

    Ed steps down or give me my money back. When I paid, ed was not commish. Mobb, whatever dude, this first stemmed from ed make a judgment outside the rules. He finally relented, but I don't want to go through this. If you clowns don't want me as commish, no problem. Someone else step up. If I knew there was a problem with mobb seriously quitting. All someone had to do was shoot me PM, and I would have taken over. I am done talking about it.
  13. IAMWood

    Ed goes as commish or I go.

    You were gone from the website at that time, don't deny. Quit being a douche and step down like a man.