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    Band Review- Joe Bonamassa

    Joe Bonamassa. 2 nights- Friday & Saturday. Holy sh!t! Great night of guitar. 3 tractor trailers full of gear. No opener. On at 8, done at 10:07. Some hard ass guitar playing. Kenny Wayne Shepard came out about midway through the set. Highlites? The lady from California who figured out Joe was playing 2 nights- after she purchased tickets. She bought tickets for the night she would not be in town. She demanded a free exchange of her tickets- for the exact seats, on the other night, at a sold out show. She actually called 34 times while we were in a one hour meeting. Or The guy who told me he couldn’t hear the intricacies of Joe’s playing, because he was too loud. He demanded I go “down there” (on stage), and tell Joe to turn down. Yeah. That’s not happening. Then the guy started towards the sound board and I had to tell him “we’re not going to bother them either.” Dude ended up leaving.
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    I guess I went to a wedding 15 years ago

    Bridesmaids ……..CAN SIZE?!?!?
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    If you read the article, it’s canned peaches this time
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    What’s in the tip jar?

    Another Friday night downtown. John Hiatt & the Jerry Douglas Band. All the youngsters and their drivers (parents) were across the street for the sold out Harry Styles concert. We got the old, ancient crowd. The ones who can barely work a cell phone, much less open an app and find their tickets. Highlite of the evening. Lady gets a drink at the bar. Complements the bartenders on what a great job they are doing, and slips something into the tip jar. It’s not money. It’s a coupon. $5 discount coupon. For Kroger’s grocery store. It expired last Monday.
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    Damn Europe Is Taking it in the Shorts

    Politicians do.
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    Gabby Petito

    Yep. Why get a real job when you can live in your parents basement. After-all, there’s always a chance to be a “social media influencer.”
  7. Old School

    Gabby Petito

    She’s dead. So are 2 other female campers who met this ass hat in a nearby bar.
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    New Netflix show: Clickbait

    Quit for the night. I’ll watch the rest- just not sure when.
  9. Old School

    New Netflix show: Clickbait

    Made it through 4 episodes- extremely boring in spots- but every time they introduce a new character, it’s also a new suspect.
  10. What’s the best way to test/ ensure Draft Buddy is synced with MFL before the draft? Work- what can I say? Set up DB last night. Draft today.
  11. Old School

    What’s the best way to make sure DB is synced?

    Not the commish- and once again, only able to free up a day or two in order to draft. Is the league ID just the 5 digits? Or copy and paste the entire URL?
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    Death Pool Update: David PatteRn at 47…

    Shame this bored died before one of its all time legends. RIP David PatteRn.
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    Awesome first dive today

    Interesting article related to the Toof Master_ 7 megalodon shark facts that will blow your mind Ailsa Harvey 7 hrs ago Like1 Comment| 111 Prehistoric megalodon sharks roamed the oceans between 20 million and 3.6 million years ago, during the Miocene and Pliocene eras. These ancient sharks grew to enormous sizes, reaching up to 59 feet (18 meters) long, according to the Natural History Museum in London, making them among the largest fish ever to live in the ocean. In comparison, modern great white sharks are just one-third the length of megalodons. The long-extinct sharks' teeth have been discovered worldwide, on every continent except Antarctica, providing a glimpse into the vast domination that these giants achieved. © Provided by Live Science Two megalodons But size isn't megalodon's only claim to fame. Here are seven jaw-dropping facts about these gargantuan sharks that might surprise you. Their fossilized remains were mistaken for dragons' tongues Before people made the connection between fossilized megalodon teeth and modern sharks' teeth, they thought these pointed rocks were the tips of dragons' tongues, according to Encyclopedia Britannica. In the 17th century, it was widely believed that these mysterious rocks had medicinal properties, and people would collect them for good luck, Smithsonian Magazine reported. Teeth are the most common form of megalodon fossils. This is because sharks can lose all of their teeth every one to two weeks, according to the Natural History Museum, equating to around 40,000 teeth being produced and lost during a shark's lifetime. Some of these teeth eventually sank to the seafloor and became fossilized. Megalodons were over eight times heavier than elephants Megalodons weighed up to 143,000 pounds (65,000 kilograms), according to Encyclopaedia Britannica. Adult females are believed to have been longer and heavier than males — possibly up to twice the size. Scientists have figured out megalodon's body dimensions almost exclusively using the shark's teeth, according to a report published in 2020 in the journal Nature. Scientists compared the teeth size of great white sharks with their other dimensions, and used these correlations to predict the size and weight of the extinct megalodon sharks. In the 2020 study, however, researchers inferred megalodon's size by looking at dimensions in five similar (and living) sharks, such as the great white shark. Megalodon bites were the strongest of any animal Megalodon bites are estimated to be at least six times as strong as those of Tyrannosaurus rex and more powerful than any known animal, Live Science previously reported. The estimated bite force of megalodons is between 108,514 and 182,201 Newtons (24,395 and 40,960 pound-force), according to the Natural History Museum. This enabled these monster sharks to munch down on large whales and fish. In comparison great white shark bites only manage 18,219 N (4,096 pounds), and humans a measly 1,317 N (296 pounds), the Natural History Museum stated. Megalodons weren't the only supersized animals in the sea During the Miocene era, megalodon wasn't the only enormous beast around. A large species of whale, called Leviathan melvillei, graced the seas near modern-day Peru at the same time, according to the journal Nature. Whether these Leviathans, which were about 43 to 59 feet (13 to 18 meters) long, ever competed with megalodons is unknown, Live Science previously reported. While other species of whales were part of megalodons' diet, these two sea behemoths would have been in competition, NPR reported. Megalodons existed for nearly 70 times longer than modern humans have Megalodons inhabited the oceans for around 20 million years, according to the Natural History Museum, while Homo sapiens appeared around 300,000 years ago. The key to these sharks' long reign is likely their almost-invincible size. According to Smithsonian Magazine, the sharks could make a meal out of the majority of sea-life around at the time. As some of the largest animals in the ocean, megalodons may have prevented other animals from growing bigger and becoming threats. This idea comes from a study in the journal PLOS One, which proved that ancestors of some modern whales began evolving significantly in size only after the megalodons' extinction. The researchers require further information to determine exactly why this happened, but according to the BBC, baleen whales were among those to grow substantially toward their current size. Megalodons had cannibal babies Before even reaching the ocean, megalodon babies demonstrated their carnivorous ferocity while still in the womb. To ensure survival, megalodon shark babies may have eaten their own siblings, Live Science previously reported. As each embryo would grow to take up significant space, eating them gave the surviving shark more room to grow and reach lengths of 6.6 feet (2 m) at birth. The voracious hunger of the unborn sharks likely made pregnant megalodons eat more too, according to Historical Biology, as reported by Smithsonian Magazine. The unborn sharks' brutal cannibal survival technique may have been bad news for the unfortunate siblings, but it likely played a role in the species' colossal growth. Cold waters may have killed the megalodons Around 3.6 million years ago, as Earth entered a period of global cooling and drying, megalodons went extinct, according to the Natural History Museum. These sharks resided in tropical waters, but as sea temperatures dropped at the end of the Pliocene epoch, and seas began to freeze, megalodons' habitat may have been greatly restricted, Live Science reported. Meanwhile, much of their prey — primarily smaller whales, seals and sea turtles — died out or relocated to waters that were too cold for their shark predators. According to Smithsonian Magazine, megalodons required a high prey intake to sustain their physiological traits. They were probably mesotherms, meaning they had specialized blood vessels keeping their bodies even warmer than the tropical waters surrounding them. To achieve this, they retained heat from their muscles' contractions. Originally published on Live Science.
  14. Damn- and I wasn’t even driving the Delorean tonight.
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    Band review- ACM Honors

    ACM Honors- that’s Academy of Country Music for all you heathens. Country Music- it’s what pays most of the bills in this town. ACM- if you ever work with this group, you will really enjoy it- when they leave town. What a bunch of of high maintenance divas. The workers- not the artists. They always forget they put together one or two shows a year and ignore the fact we do over 300 a year. The event was live-streamed and taped for an upcoming broadcast on Circle TV. As expected with an Awards show or a taping- they were still rehearsing and delayed the the opening of the venue, started the show late, and ran over by about an hour. Still, plenty of talent on stage. Some were only presenters or award winners, but there were some good performances. Carley Pierce- Dear Miss Loretta Alan Jackson & Lee An Womack- Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man Ronnie Dunn- Ain’t Nothing ‘Bout You Sara Evans/ Carley Pierce/ Rae Lynn medley- God Bless the Broken Road/ My Wish/ Life is a Highway Lauren Alaina/ Devin Dawson-One Beer Chris Janson- He Stopped Loving Her Today Alan Jackson & Lee Ann Womack- Murder on Music Row Trace Adkins- Love Me If You Can Sam Williams (Hanks grandson)- So Lonesome I Could Cry Lady A- What A Song Can Do Keith Urban- John Cougar, John Deere, John 3:16 Ashley McBryde- She Got The Best of Me Ashley presented the big award to Luke Combs. Wish he would have performed, really enjoy his stuff.
  16. Bunny. He was busy when we went down to Mississippi and New Orleans- but he took the time to recommend some great dining options as well as other appreciated info.
  17. Old School

    Message from Gocolts' Son

    Damn. Gary was uber active on this bored for a long time, sharing a lot of his adventures- or misadventures, whatever the case was. He always shared how proud he was of his son. When gocolts fatherr died things seemed to change fast. He had to take care of his father’s estate and the home he inherited. Didn’t he also find a new woman around that time? He finally just said he didn’t have time for us anymore and basically disappeared. Thought about him recently when seeing posts from Indy Colts Fan- reminded me of the gocolts moniker. Stand strong haloman. You dad was a regular here and was generally well liked. He bragged about you often. As for your inheritance- don’t get fooled. A quarter million is life changing- but it can disappear in a heart beat. Learn a trade, work, and just invest that inheritance.
  18. Who got the perma ban now?!?
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    Button up and make me a sammich now

    Who? And I’m still waiting for my sammich, slut.