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    Memphis Police Killing

    My friend is a promoter and has been holding a multi day blues showcase in Memphis. They cancelled tonight’s show so everyone can GTF out of town and head home.
  2. Old School

    Who is your favorite Marx Brother ..... discuss

    I expect most of the posters to support Karl.
  3. Old School

    Favorite live album

    This is the correct answer
  4. Old School

    Night of Rage- Atlanta version.

    A Night of Rage- coming to Atlanta. Atlanta activists call for ‘night of rage’ after man killed, cop injured By Yaron Steinbuch January 19, 2023 1:27pm Updated Atlanta activists call for 'rage' after man killed, cop injured (nypost.com) Activists in Atlanta are calling for a “night of rage” after authorities said they killed a man who shot and injured a state trooper during a violent confrontation at the site of a planned public safety training center that protesters have dubbed “Cop City.” Police were clearing people out of the area around 9 a.m. Wednesday when someone fired at them, Georgia Bureau of Investigation Director Mike Register told reporters. “Law enforcement personnel returned fire in self-defense and evacuated the trooper to a safe area. The individual who fired upon law enforcement and shot the trooper was killed in an exchange of gunfire,” he said. The GBI said the unidentified man had “ignored verbal commands” and opened fire after he was located inside a tent in the woods, CNN reported. The wounded trooper, who also has not been named, was listed in stable condition after undergoing surgery, according to Chris Wright, commissioner of the Georgia Department of Public Safety. Opponents of the training center in DeKalb County say the project — which would be built by the Atlanta Police Foundation — involves cutting down so many trees that it would be environmentally damaging. They also oppose investing so much money in a facility they claim will be used to practice “urban warfare.” DeKalb County DA Sherry Boston said protesters attacked cops and firefighters with rocks and weapons as the officers removed barricades blocking some entrances to the site. In response to the protester’s death at the site of the planned $90 million, 85-acre center at the forested area, the Twitter account Scenes from the Atlanta Forest is calling for a “Night of Rage” on Friday, Fox News reported. Activists have called the planned center “Cop City” and claim it would be environmentally damaging to the forest. Scenes from the Atlanta Forest “Consider this a call for reciprocal violence to be done to the police and their allies,” the group reportedly wrote on Twitter, which apparently suspended the account for violating the platform’s rule. “On Friday, January 20th, wherever you are, you are invited to participate in a night of rage in order to honor the memory of our fallen comrade,” it added. The suspended account claims to be a part of Defend the Atlanta Forest, one of several groups protesting the planned Atlanta Public Safety Training Center, according to Fox News. “Police killed a forest defender today, someone who loved the forest, someone who fought to protect the earth & its inhabitants,” Defend the Atlanta Forest said in a tweet. “This is why we organize to stop Cop City. And we will. In honor of their life, and the lives of everyone killed and imprisoned by the police,” the group added. Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp said Wednesday he and his family were praying for law enforcement. Earlier this month, Kemp applauded arrests at the site and said “they will not be the last we will take down as this project moves forward. Domestic terrorism will NOT be tolerated in our state, and we will not hesitate, we will not rest, we will not waver in ending their activities and prosecuting them to the fullest extent of the law.” People are “illegally occupying” the area and are committing criminal acts including arson, Register said Wednesday — including beating people up, using explosives and setting booby traps. Four people had been detained and face possible charges, he added. On Wednesday evening, 150 people gathered to mourn the man’s death during a candlelight vigil in Atlanta’s Little Five Points neighborhood, an area known as a hub for counterculture movements. Activists called for a probe into the shooting, urging the public and the media to reject the police “narrative” that officers were shooting in self-defense. The protesters then took to the streets, blocking a busy intersection and throwing scooters in front of vehicles as others held a large banner reading, “Trees give life. Police take it.” “Stop Cop City!” the activists chanted, followed by, “If you build it, we will burn it!” With Post wires
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    Yes- NYE gig. I was there.
  6. Old School

    WTF Is Up With Prime Delivery ?

    Yeah. The 2 day delivery is BS
  7. Old School

    Who here doesn't own a role of duct tape?

    That’s how they catch ya.
  8. Old School

    In T-Rex related news

    They were the original victims of climate change.
  9. The answer will be to print more money.
  10. Old School

    Game thread etiquette

    Wow. Amazing bad thread. I hate message boreds.
  11. Old School

    Jihadi attack NYE

    Good point. That’s what this guy was doing.
  12. Vertical or horizontal?
  13. Old School

    Dry/Pron free January - Can it be done?

    It was a good run, but I’m out
  14. Old School

    Nashville geeks

    It’s more enjoyable if you pull the stick out of your ass before you get here.
  15. Old School

    Nashville geeks

    Bluebird is cool- it’s ridiculous trying to get in. It’s a listening room. If you’re talking when someone is playing, the the staff will remind you. Ryman is pretty cool place
  16. We should have done this when the plague first started….
  17. Old School

    Nashville geeks

    This thread is all over the place. Let’s reel it back to Nashville. In for one day and one night? Short run. Reservations at the Twelve Thirty Club. Nice. Justin Timberlake owns a piece of that place. Now you are on Broadway. There are a multitude of bars/ honkeytonks on Broadway. No cover. Bands play for and depend on tips. Don’t be cheap. Experience the places from 5th to the River. I used to hang at Tootsies Orchard Lounge, but it’s overrun with tourists these days. Hank Williams used to walk out of the Opry, down the alley, and into the back door of Tootsies. Willie hung there and wrote songs there. Cool focking place. My downtown go to place these days is Roberts. Cool place. Great music & good burgers. Famous for the recession special- fried bologna sand which, bag of chips, Pabst Blue Ribbon, and a moon pie for $6. Wynonna stopped in recently, flipped some burgers, and got on stage for a few songs. Marcus King and others take their after show parties to Robert’s. It’s a cool focking place. Check out who’s playing Bridgestone Arena - across the street from your Twelve Thirty Club, home of the NHL Predators, or check the Ryman Auditorium, across 5th Ave. 3rd & Lindsey is the best music club, check their website for lineups. The Opry is fun. Probably a 20 minute drive from your dinner reservation. Since you have reservations at Twelve Thirty Club, shoot me a PM with dates and I’ll look around to see what’s happening.
  18. Old School

    I'm going to go ahead and throw a name out there.

    Kroger- southern grocery chain
  19. Some crazy sh!t going on. https://apple.news/Ab4Kn-BPwSP-j2FL-aQdIBw
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    Today’s Silverbacks

  21. Old School

    George Lopez has another show

    Focker is non funny
  22. Old School

    Antonio Brown+ Police= Standoff

    Is this the end? AB Barricaded in the house in a police standoff. Throwing a shoe at someone and decorating the yard with their sh!t doesn't seem too out of line- till she told police he has guns. Breaking: Antonio Brown, Police Are Reportedly In Standoff (msn.com) Earlier Thursday morning, it was reported that Antonio Brown has a warrant out for his arrest in Florida. The warrant was issued for a battery charge stemming from a domestic violence incident between he and the mother of his children. The argument reportedly turned physical after Brown threw a shoe at the woman. According to a new report, Brown locked himself in a residence and is not cooperating with police. Here's more about the situation from the Daily Mail: Police are reportedly willing to wait as long as it takes to bring Brown into custody. We'll have more on this situation as it develops.
  23. Old School

    Antonio Brown+ Police= Standoff

    Free-agent receiver Antonio Brown has made himself a prisoner in his own home. Police officers are waiting outside his house in Tampa to arrest him on misdemeanor domestic violence charges. Brown apparently is inside the dwelling, and he won’t come out. Via ABC Action News, police used a megaphone to urge Brown to give himself up. The authorities said they had spoken to Brown’s attorney. They continued to knock on the door and to call out for him. “We’re not going anywhere,” the police said. Brown apparently isn’t going anywhere, either. Again, he’s only facing misdemeanor charges. The situation should be resolved simply and peacefully. Hopefully, that will happen sooner than later. Police still wait outside Antonio Brown’s house to arrest him originally appeared on Pro Football Talk
  24. Old School

    Is there anything supernatural you kinda believe in?

    I work in a building that was built in the 1800’s. Many stories of strange occurrences. Yes- I’ve experienced some unexplained events in there.