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  1. Dr. Octopus

    Draft-Shakes 2010 Comeback Player of the Year

    Dominick Davis =====> Dominick Williams
  2. Dr. Octopus

    Who will be this years Matt Forte?

    How many RBs have had one 1,800+ season? I don't think Johnson would need the repeat last season's ridiculous stats (or really come all that close) to finish as a top 3 RB. There have only been 18 other seasons where some one has eclipsed 1,800 yards: 1 Eric Dickerson Los Angeles Rams 2,105 1984 2 Jamal Lewis Baltimore Ravens 2,066 2003 3 Barry Sanders Detroit Lions 2,053 1997 4 Terrell Davis Denver Broncos 2,008 1998 5 O.J. Simpson Buffalo Bills 2,003 1973 6 Earl Campbell Houston Oilers 1,934 1980 T7 Ahman Green Green Bay Packers 1,883 2003 T7 Barry Sanders Detroit Lions 1,883 1994 9 Shaun Alexander Seattle Seahawks 1,880 2005 10 Jim Brown Cleveland Browns 1,863 1963 11 Tiki Barber New York Giants 1,860 2005 12 Ricky Williams Miami Dolphins 1,853 2002 13 Walter Payton Chicago Bears 1,852 1977 14 Jamal Anderson Atlanta Falcons 1,846 1998 15 Eric Dickerson Los Angeles Rams 1,821 1986 16 O.J. Simpson Buffalo Bills 1,817 1975 17 LaDainian Tomlinson San Diego Chargers 1,815 2006 18 Eric Dickerson Los Angeles Rams 1,808 1983 Dickerson has done it 3 times and OJ twice - which means only 16 backs (if you include Johnson) have ever reached that threshold. So why would it matter if Johnson failed to have back to back 1,800 yard seasons. Odds are that no back is going to break 1,800 yards next year.
  3. Dr. Octopus

    Cornkobb's 2010 Bold Predictions

    You don't think opposing defenses were geared up to stop the run last season when the Jets were starting a rookie QB and the HC came out and said they were going to be a "ground and pound" offense? By the time they reached the playoffs weren't teams aware that the Jets were going to look to run? If anything the maturity of Sanchez and the addition of Holmes will make it more difficult for opposing teams to stack the box.
  4. Dr. Octopus

    I feel the NFL is losing its appeal

    I think that you could still draft on this day. Only one game has been played and if some one wants to over pay for Justin Gage's two TD game that happned on Thursday - all the better for the rest of you.
  5. Dr. Octopus

    Where to improve ...what to draft?

    Sure you could. So why are you possibly thinking that one over?
  6. I'd say that you're pretty close to the truth. Holgrem is obviously going to completely rebuild so why sour the fans on his choice for the HC position during what should be another awful year, when he can let Mangini (who the fans already hate) get piled on some more.
  7. Dr. Octopus

    LT a Jet

    Sorry I was mistaken on the age - I gave Jones an extra year (thought last season was his age 32 year). The report that Jones was willing to let the Jets match came from one website that specializes in unsubstantiated rumors (PFT). I don't beleive that was the case from other stories I have read. Jones was not willing to negotiate a pay cut from all reports I read. He balked last offseason when they didn't extend him and he balked when he was asked to waive his bonus. I think once he was released, he was gone for good. I never said LT has more in the tank - just that I think o-lines have a lot to do with RB production. Both are in decline, but Jones didn't appear to be as much in decline by people on fantasy football message boards because all they care about is stats. He left a lot of yards on the field and wasn't as fast through the holes as other backs on the Jets. He was a stat compiler last year. He had a ton of carries and opportunities. He did well with those opportunities. I don't say that to disparage Jones. He's in tremendous shape and is a hard runner. I also realize LT is not even close to his peak years. He's in delcine as well. I just don't think he's as far along as people think. He looked fast to the hole and still made his jump cuts to get around people. His problem was he no longer has his power and leg drive. He went down very easily on contact and rarely borke tackles or pushed piles. His high TD totals once he came back showed that he can still find the hole and squeeze through it. The SD o-line sucked - Sproles has a pathertic ypc as well as Tomlinson. On the other hand Shonne Greene averaged a ypc more than Jones. I'm willing to bet that LT looks much better next season running behind the Jets line than Thomas Jones looks running behind the KC line. It's a lateral move imo which saved money and creates a buzz where a team is looking to sell PSLs.
  8. One more year of Moz !!!!
  9. Dr. Octopus

    LT a Jet

    It would have cost them $5.8 M to keep Jones for this season only. They have LT for 2 years at $5.1 M. Once they asked Jones to waive his $3 M orster bonus, there was no looking back. Jones has a lot of pride and balked at the disrespect and I don't think the Jets could have brought him back, and frankly I don't think they wanted to. Jones will be 33 and despite the fact that he was coming off his best season ever, a lot of that had to due with a very high number of carries and one of the best o-lines in the league. He left a lot of yards on the field and showed signs of slowing down. He's a smart, tough and hard runner but he's near the end of the line. LT is 30-31 and still has his burst and lateral ability (jump cuts), but is not great after contact anymore. He should be able to do what Jones did behind that line, but will only be asked to handle likely 8-12 carries a game (imo) and be insurance for Greene. I think people will be surprised to see how fresh he looks behind a superior o-line. Also let's not forget that the Jets have a lot more PSLs to sell and this is something that will create a buzz for a while.
  10. Dr. Octopus

    Cleveland Browns

    I beleive they have 13 picks in this draft which means they can add a lot of players or package some picks to get guys they really want.
  11. Dr. Octopus


    I wouldn't say that. Taylor and Forte are now going to be sharing carries, so it's not like a true handcuff situation and you're not going to want to start both at the same time. I'd say Taylor's value is limited by his age but he should have 2 decent seasons left in him and should be a decent RB3-RB4 for teams that are built to win. I just trade Eli Manning and Lex Hilliard to a for Chester Taylor and Mark Sancez in order to add some depth to my RB corp. as Steven Jackson, D'Angelo Williams and Felix Jones aren't exactly locks to stay healthy. I have Brady as my starter and the other team had only Stafford and Sanchez and is moving from a rebuilding team to a team in the mix so wanted a better starting option. So you see his value isn't that high as of yet.
  12. Dr. Octopus

    Cromartie traded to Jets....

    I'm sure they did. Do you really believe that ridciulous rumor either way? Why would the Chargers want a 32 year old career backup RB? Why wouldn't Detroit be willing to take a flyer at that cheap a price? If that was true teams would have been throwing garbage SD's way hoping to land a former pro-bowl CB.
  13. Dr. Octopus

    Panther's cut Delhomme

    Miami is on the verge of re-signing Pennington, but the other spots seem reasonable. I can see him perhaps land with either NY teams as a backup to Eli or Sanchez as well. I doubt he lands anywhere as a starter except for perhaps Buffalo.
  14. Dr. Octopus

    Cromartie traded to Jets....

    Trading a first round pick for a future 2nd or 3rd is a steal?