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  1. RBonse

    Off Notes / Overall Notes

    Nevermind! Figured it out. Your FB5 above had my head spinning since it should have been FA5, but no worries. So the formula for Manning to put in FA5 is: ="[insert note here] "&FB5 Thx!!
  2. RBonse

    Off Notes / Overall Notes

    Sorry, not following you. So for cell FB5 (Peyton Manning), I insert your formula in that cell? But then it will erase your notes (not that you have any notes for Manning, but if you did). So if I copy this down then all the notes for FF Today get erased since this formulua is in there instead. I'm obivously missing something here
  3. RBonse

    Off Notes / Overall Notes

    Excellent, thanks. But if I put in user notes, then the FF Today Notes for the same player do not follow through to the "notes" cheatsheets (combining with my user notes). I only see my notes. Any way to get both to show up? Because my notes may not always be the most accurate, and I would still like to see your notes as well on the cheatsheets.
  4. RBonse

    Off Notes / Overall Notes

    Is it possible to add our own notes to the two tabs listed as "Off-Notes" and "Overall Notes" without our notes getting removed after a projection update? I know this has been asked in the past, just couldn't find the answer.