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  1. GameDay Guru

    WTF Lamar Miller

    Houstons OLine is currently rated dead last in the NFL and it shows. Miller is a decent talent but not many could overcome this group up front.
  2. I agree with the above. Grabbed Smith myself and will make a decision Sunday morning. Would argue guys like Keenum or Trubisky are even better options as a backup because they will buy you time to know what is happen with Rodgers
  3. GameDay Guru

    Jonathan Stewart

    For me he is protection for the bye weeks in the RB2 spot. Even if I don't use him, the pool is very shallow for everyone else.
  4. GameDay Guru

    David Johnson Trade Value

    I was offered DJ for Powell, and rolled the dice. Really no loss for me.
  5. GameDay Guru

    David Johnson Trade Value

    I agree with what is said above....that is why I am trying to gauge the market. The DJ owner is actively trying to move him and save the season. If he's going at rock bottom prices, I would be tempted, DJ's upside is far higher than anything I'll find on the waiver wire.
  6. GameDay Guru

    David Johnson Trade Value

    I am considering grabbing Johnson has a risk/reward stash for the playoffs....have anyone seen him traded this week? I am interested in the market value for him currently.
  7. GameDay Guru

    LeGarrette Blount

    Something is amiss.....they tried to run Sproles between the tackles a few times, clearly made no effort to get Blount in the game.
  8. GameDay Guru

    Eagles RB situation

    I think Jeffries is a decent pick based on ADP. Slightly higher upside than those being picked around him.
  9. GameDay Guru

    Eagles RB situation

    Eagle Homer Here....they kept both Pumphrey and Clement, so five RB's are on the 53 man roster which to me says there is not a ton of confidence in any of them. Blount should have the most red zone opportunities but I expect a true RBBC unless someone emerges as a standout.
  10. GameDay Guru

    What are your thoughts on Hydes back up Harris?

    I am starting Harris in my flex spot over Maclin, not because I am so confident but because it seems like my best option.
  11. GameDay Guru

    Gates owners...is anyone rolling with Henry?

    Are you rolling with Henry? I am between Henry and Burton, both are longshots.
  12. GameDay Guru

    D. Johnson owners

    You guys are confirming my thoughts, I appreciate the responses. Roster spots are at a premium in my league and I would rather take a shot with a lotto ticket type RB.
  13. GameDay Guru

    D. Johnson owners

    Are you handcuffing him? Interested in the consensus.
  14. Cam was only pulled because they were winning by a million points, I do not think that will be the case today. And if does exit early due to another blowout, I am sure his stay line will reflect it.