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  1. pee-diddy


    Hate to say it, but CEH is on my DND list. Too much of a risk and there are other surefire studs out there within the first 3 rounds at WR, TE, QB than to burn a pick that high on a guy who has so much competition for touches.
  2. pee-diddy

    NFL Playoffs Fantasy...Do you do it? How?

    We use thesecondseason.com Pretty simple website. Free. Not extremely customizable but it does the job. We have about 30 participants annually and very few complaints. It’s worth checking out for sure. HTH
  3. pee-diddy

    Everything week 16 Championship game.

    Hurts has a great matchup with DAL. Tough to pass that up. He is on fire. Russ? Not so much.
  4. pee-diddy

    Rams DEF or Steelers DEF?

    Sort of a coin flip here, but it could be the difference in my playoff run. Terrible problem to have, I know. Pick one: Rams DEF at home versus NYJ or Pittsburg DEF at Cincy?
  5. pee-diddy

    D'Andre Swift Updates

    Looks like Stafford is trending towards playing, which is good news for Swift owners. Let's hope Stafford plays!
  6. pee-diddy

    Ronald Jones placed on COVID-19 list

    I think Fournette is FLEX worthy as well and could surprise Week 15. I’d hope this guy plays with a chip on his shoulder. The matchup couldn’t be better because Tampa should be playing with a lead. And even if they aren’t, Fournette should be good for at least a few receptions. My only fear is the potential for a lack of volume if other RBs are in the mix.
  7. pee-diddy

    Ronald Jones placed on COVID-19 list

    Would be nucking futs to see Fournette go from healthy scratch Week 14 to playoff hero Week 15.
  8. pee-diddy

    Week 15 waiver wire... WHEW!

    Is there an update on Melvin Gordon? Curious to see if he plays Week 15 (I thought I read somewhere he got injured) If Ronald Jones is out... then who? A messy split? MIA backfield seems equally messy.
  9. pee-diddy

    Week 15 waiver wire... WHEW!

    Lots going on Week 15 with a lot on the line for FF playoff teams. Which RB's and other players do you have a good/bad feeling about? Mostert might be out. R. Jones might be out. These guys might be available and could be difference makers: Fournette, Jeff Wilson, Phillip Lindsay, Bowden (MIA), etc. Any insight and updates are appreciated!
  10. pee-diddy

    Julio Jones out Week 14

    Rotoworld reporting that Julio will sit versus Chargers
  11. pee-diddy

    Akers taking over?

    WEEK 15: Rams vs. NYJ nice!
  12. pee-diddy

    D'Andre Swift Updates

    What a mess for D. Swift owners. A few weeks ago, I was thinking he would be my RB playoff stud. Now I don't even know if he'll be the highest scoring RB on the team Week 14 in a PPR smash spot. Damn.
  13. If I remember correctly, wasn’t Marcus Colston (coincidentally also on the Saints) designated WR and TE on some ff websites? I think he had that designation on Yahoo and they kept it that way all year.
  14. pee-diddy

    Z. Ertz... what gives?

    I'm dumbfounded as to what's going on with this guy. I know PHIL has been a mess and littered with injuries, but I assumed that'd mean Ertz would soak up even more targets. Anyone have some insight as to WTH the issue is?
  15. pee-diddy

    Who is your 3rd ranked QB?

    Dak for sure. Contract year and with all of that talent, a so-so Dallas DEF and mediocre NFC East defenses... it's a no-brainer IMO. I bet he throws 4 TDs versus LAR Week 1.