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  1. Does anyone here still remember that sandy hook shooting was at an elementary school? Just asking
  2. funngun

    Jeffery and Langford

    I wish I had sat D. Murray for Langford
  3. funngun

    Anyone confident in McFadden?

    I am starting him
  4. funngun

    Anyone confident in McFadden?

    Something wrong with him?
  5. funngun

    Philadelphia at Detroit: In-Game Discussion

    The iggles blow
  6. funngun

    the old days of FFToday

    David Boston
  7. funngun

    DeAndre undervalued

    Sammy Watkins?
  8. A ball gets thrown to Jason Avant, he catches it. Thats what he does.
  9. "Jason Avant is a great receiver"
  10. If the Bears dont make the playoffs, these Tressman needs to go back to the cfl