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  1. Brewtown

    Which giants wr this week?

    Have the same decision tonight. Toney has all the upside but is he going to last a quarter?
  2. Brewtown

    What you need MNF - if you need that is

    Need 15 pts in PPR and have to choose between Slayton or K. Toney to get me there, nightmare.
  3. Cant trust any of these guys. last time Zona played Seattle Case Edwards had the bigger game. I believe Mixon is out this week and learning that way to avoid tonight’s game. Thoughts?
  4. Brewtown

    Week 1 WR/Flex PPR

    Chark = garbage time points when game is over early and all Jax can do is throw Mostert
  5. Need to go deep on a flex in week 1 starting lineup already. go with Phillip Lindsey Mon night or take a shot with rookie Mike Pittman Jr against worst team in league?
  6. Brewtown

    PPR Rolex spot advice - white or Kirk

    White all day
  7. Brewtown

    Conner or David Montgomery?

    Have to pick one out of this mess? Leaning towards David against Pack’s leaky run D and can’t trust Conner. Desperation play either way
  8. Cohen actual got the ball last week. No faith in either but need to pick one
  9. Brewtown

    Auden Tate Or Cobb this week

    Need to dumpster dive on a WR this week leaning towards Cobb against Detroit but can also pick up Tate or Hunter Renfro for the Cincy/Oak match-up
  10. Brewtown

    TE Trash Pile

    Im rolling dice on Blake Jarwin also. Over Jimmy Graham and Ian Thomas. At least hes got a higher number of targets over last couple of weeks. Thats what Im telling myself/hoping
  11. Not even a question, go with D Williams. Even if Ware suits up. Upside on D Williams is much higher. J Williams is not a dynamic player, may get you 10-15 points but D Williams can get u 30
  12. Brewtown

    Goff or Rivers?

    Neither are good matchups. Been starting Goff all season and through last 3 weeks of his bad play. Rivers at Balt, but hes been consistent.
  13. Brewtown

    Ware or Williams

    Same boat Im riding Williams in finals. Im actually playing him over David Johnson, who I have 0 faith in. Even if Ware is active, have to trust KC offense and Williams being part of it.
  14. Ware is inactive I mean