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    What is the purpose of watching "whales" Do you watch them?
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    Please explain Ethereum, it's purpose, and if you must always use it to turn your cryptos to cash?
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    Please explain "market cap" and how it relates to the value of cryptos?
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    Please explain the difference between Binance and Coinbase and Robinhood/PayPal regarding owning or buying cryptos?
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    No Litecoin? Why not?
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    What about USDC, UNI, LINK and LTC? Regular stocks stop trading at 4 pm. Is there a close time for trading cryptocurrency?
  7. Yes, I guess you are right, lol. True. I just think they didn't do the extensive years of studies that they normally would and have read (somewhere) that the only thing that can be guaranteed is no severe symptoms.
  8. I read that they cannot prove that it doesn't prevent infections because they didn't have time to the do the studies to prove it or not. People may be infected but not getting sick or showing any symptoms.
  9. I’m over this dumb thread and your insecurities. Get help.
  10. This is what I was referring to ^^^ You didn’t quote the article accurately but instead used racism to describe the situation.
  11. Listen, I’m over it now. You all are racist and despite what I say you want to protect your racist thoughts on to me. I’m not here for it and so no longer participating in your B.S.
  12. No, that was me correcting the poster who didn’t believe the n-word was mentioned in the article. I was explaining that not only was it mentioned once but twice. That was about the article using the word.
  13. Waiting for the quotes where I supported the attacker.
  14. I never defended the man. This is why I call all of you racist because despite what I say or do you put your racist thoughts on to me. Please quote where I supported this workers actions. Find it, I’ll be waiting.
  15. Why are you asking this question of me? Didn’t you read where I stated this man should be charged for the old man’s demise?
  16. I’m not a BLM member nor do I support not having police. You are making a false statement about my beliefs. Actually, you are making a false statement about most people’s beliefs. I don’t know not 1 single person, black or white, that wants to abolish the police.
  17. Maybe... Maybe they all got a bad batch of vaccine. It has to be kept extremely cold and maybe it wasn’t effective because it wasn’t stored properly. Also, the vaccine is only supposed to prevent deaths not infections. I’ve mentioned it before but you all didn’t believe me. If you get infected the symptoms won’t break your body down where you need to be hospitalized or on a ventilator. That is the reason we probably should still wear masks until most people are vaccinated because the disease may still be passed on by vaccinated people with very few or no symptoms. IMHO
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    Poundcake vs Panama

    I liked Van Halen with both Roth and Hagar.